2019-12-12 Edition of News White People Can Use w/ Mike Sledge & Tabs

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike and Tabitha speak about:

  • jew on jew violence – The jew media loves to talk about Whites but not jews normally
  • The Black Idiocracy and all the black crap that comes with it – beesh
  • Tinea (sinead) of rengrenade tribune uses the avatar of the hebrew demon lilith
  • Take back entertainment – Southern Rock was stolen from the people
  • A girl who had a confederate flag dress was banned from prom
  • kikeism, overpriced movies in the cinema – Popcorn requires an amputated leg
  • Don’t wax nostalgia in a fetish like fashion – Use it and lose it
  • You’re living in Mexico and you better get use to it
  • These two start to fetish over Icecream and Gelato and Sweet Sherry
  • Shaun is not a Brit you twits!  He’s an Aussie!  Bloody Americans!  LOL



10 thoughts on “2019-12-12 Edition of News White People Can Use w/ Mike Sledge & Tabs

  1. I’ve listened to Mike from the renegade days. Great show and conversation. I’m from central Virginia and grew up on southern rock, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws, Georgia Satellites, Charlie Daniels Band, ( I’m 35 years old ) and there’s still plenty of good southern rock music out there.

    Blackberry smoke being my favorite. Who actually can’t get a real record contract, but have produced great music on there own record labels. Whiskey Myers, who I saw live in last week are great. Brent Cobb who I’ve seen live as well ( from Georgia) are all great acts. There’s many more.

    Anyway mike and tabatha are a good duo, and love the show, and continue the great shows on the network.


  2. Wanted to add a screed against New York City because they CANNOT dispose of their own gargantuan tons of sewage so they ship it down to Southern landfills i.e. Alabama, Georgia etc. The demonic odor is so horrifying it spreads around everywhere! I’ve been to Alabama and experienced this horror myself! The poor people there have to endure this!!! This injustice never makes the (((news))) of course!! Only in a kike world! If a city can’t handle their feces they shouldn’t exist! I’m all for shipping the Jew York sewage straight to Tel Aviv!!!



      • That would be very good of you as this needs to be widely known! By the way, I hated New York City and will never go there again. That diseased city is riddled with rudeness and materialism as well as feces needless to say. There were trash bags everywhere on the streets; no proper receptacles insight! Rats in a cage is how people “live”. It’s unspeakably unnatural and sickening.

        Thank you for VERY MUCH your shows Mike! You are a charmed broadcaster to be sure! I never tire of your wit and knowledge. Thank you and Shaun for making us laugh, bringing chuckles to us as we live in ZOG land! Don’t forget to say we should ship the shit to Tel Aviv instead and with a note reading: “Kosher Mud Pies for the Chosen”.

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  3. You’re welcome Tabitha, and keep the good shows coming I really enjoy them. Oh, and BTW here’s another link to NY transporting their trash to Virginia, it’s been well known here for a long time.

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