Tabitha & Josh’s Show Is Banned By jewtube…

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen.  Tabitha & Josh’s Show Is Banned By jewtube literally 3 hours after it was uploaded with a so called “copyright claim”.

Shaun and Tabitha speak about this subject and how they believe that it was tinea and her pet antifa behind it’s flagging.



14 thoughts on “Tabitha & Josh’s Show Is Banned By jewtube…

  1. I don’t know why Yucktube and others are playing games and treating people differently. I was notified to switch accounts into one, transfer info to one I wanted kept, and the others named would be ending in December. I did. But ALL my Yucktube accounts were permanently “terminated” and no “recovery possible.” No reasons given, none. Not like “strikes” I got for just commenting about a news report or something goofy. So had to start all over again with a messed up account, with them combining other accounts like Gmail, nothing used with Yucktube, all combined including my real name and ID for banking!!! And had to give them my cell number like other private numbers weren’t enough info for them. To get to a totally wiped out Yucktube site their info said was “recoverable” but then later “not recoverable” after they get the wanted info. So WTF is that about? No more communications and no way to talk to anyone in person over it. I am not the only one.

    Was chatting on a couple of them in the live chats. Buffering began and then gone. Channel can’t be found, 404s, or “terminated.”

    Some have chosen to close their channels over Yucktube monetary lingo or reasons. Others because they said there are loop-holes that could be used under COPPA to fine and ruin peoples lives the commies don’t like or agree with.

    Citizens reporters, science and news people, anti-vax, anti-vegans, anti-corruption people have left voluntarily, pointed out why and how creators or reporters could end up in prison or easily fined just over mis-labeling, claiming children’s issues or protections, fake news or conspiracies. But promoting transsexuals, kiddy porn, fag crap is okay.

    When I was trying to locate my WPress sites to show Shaun some saved news, info, a journal and writings/photos it was gone too and this was months ago. All permanently deleted and left with a opening for a “children’s sites.” That kind of stuff and more has happened to me across the board of “social sites.” I still get Instagram shit in full Spanish just over some scum from Latino Brazil trying to steal my identity and info and that company must thought it was okay too. Then deleted every veteran group and people I had listed there, deleted their sites totally, and still play games. So it’s a deep subject and not going to get better.


  2. Back on topic.

    They, Googly, are using phony copyright charges. Antifa and other scum use mob attacks to flag people and comments, videos, to shut them down fast. Some seem to get flushed quick others it may take a few days. A guy that left or was fired from Google was discussing this stuff on a radio interview and exposing their tactics.
    “Google To Hire Thousands In Colorado, 8 Other States”

    Several years ago, my link is gone about it. An Israel news openly wrote about their people and college students, including American students, getting paid, working for the Israeli government, getting class credits for ruining our social media, attacking American and white nationalist. This was on one of their online newspapers in English. The guy fired from Googly, or forced to leave, said Soro’s money was also paying lefties and groups to do the same. Just like they pay activist to flood the streets or mob people and the idiots being paid for being activist don’t even know what they hell they are protesting about or can debate the issues, or name any issues, just out getting paid. Meaning there are thousands out their doing their policing and attacking. Censoring. Same goes for unions, lefties and groups flagging us veterans for filing grievances against Jooz, VA abuse, health care incompetence, using foreigners for health care, teaching, using visas and can barely speak English. Other foreigners over health care professional issues like malpractice, fraud, and other things like disagreeing with law breakers, the corrupt, illegals, or not following the laws or Constitution.

    Local big city news has reported the same with big tech companies moving in this state. The mass hiring of people to censor and monitor the internet, chats, comments, forums, and log/classify what is being discussed, sent on up to higher levels, flagged, turned over to authorities and anti-hate groups, etc. A huge conglomeration of huge groups and corporations are behind this and doing the same. Like IoT I think it is which a huge mass of marketers, businesses, groups, colleges, lawyers, of all kinds. Why too some many fear speaking out or complaining even on the internet. Especially veterans due to the forms of retaliation that can be used against them in many ways. No whistle-blowers come from this state either and for good reasons. Besides being cowards while others take the heat or lose our heads.

    They have also openly reported wanting to use illegals, “refugees” and such to fill such IT positions, also to work for large companies doing the same monitoring and policing. Illegals to mind ya.

    Locally it’s a past time and hobby for some to also “police” the net. Even our media and news paper freaks do it and report back to the fascist and ADL of BB activist locally, also to LEOs. Big fun and rushes for the commies and globalist. The college kiddies here also get class credits and some are paid to do the same. Again those numbers are, or has to be, in the thousands. Thousands doing this crap. And those in Israel doing the same thing? Don’t know about other countries or like lefty Canada or Mexicans. Since scum from Brazil can get by with whatever they want to do or try to steal, or grab out IDs.

    And to top the days news off beside Trumpster’s bull shit. He isn’t doing much but seems to have agreed with allowing millions of Obama’s illegals, DACA types, to become legal since that passed the house. Claiming them to be poor migrant farm workers. My ass.

    Just needed to get this out and passed on. WE are in our own Thermopylae. I know for a fact I am. Chuckle. For now.


  3. The more I listen to Sinead, the more I agree with you Shaun that she is either an actual Jew or paid by the Mossad and by extension US taxpayer. At the very least she is divisive with all her bullshit about veganism and her army of vegan trolls who shout down anyone who even hints at eating meat. As if everything our ancestors did was wrong. There’s nothing wrong with hunting and killing wild animals and eating them. If they didn’t taste good we wouldn’t fucking eat them eh?

    Eating meat or not is not worth dividing White people over unless you have an ulterior motive, it’s very clear.

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