A Blast From the Past From a Listener of WTFR

A Blast From the Past From a Listener of WTFR Ladies and Gents.  Lee Rogers, Alex Jones and Dr. Fux.  I’m pretty sure Dr. Fux is that pervert Celtic Rebel that was screwing tinea.  But fuck this was funny.

Yep just finished listening.  It was definitely Celtic McCarthy.

Great comedy though.



10 thoughts on “A Blast From the Past From a Listener of WTFR

  1. This was so damn funny! I enjoyed it!!! They even mentioned Dr. Bill Deagle!! 😅😂🤣 Dr. Deagle says you can protect your balls from EMFs with his special crystal pendant! Only $Kike.99!! So great! Real impromptu comedians!! Nothing like a good kike roast!! 🤣


  2. Nice that someone else enjoys this. I like to listen to it when I’m feeling down, because it always makes me laugh.

    But that’s not important right now. What we need to be concerned with is fighting the militarized baboons. And then donating to Jones so he can get more hot, steaming plates of enchiladas. If we don’t do both, we’re all deader than hammers.


  3. How can you laugh at a time when the baboons are threatening to overwhelm us? Do you have any idea of the arm strength of a regular baboon, much less one custom-enhanced and weaponized by the CIA? They’ll tear you limb from limb without even putting in any effort.

    Fuck me, and here I thought people were serious about their own survival.

    …Hold on a minute… [Hi, DoorDash person! Thank you for delivering my steaming to-go container of enchiladas!!!] 😀


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