2019-12-10 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha & Guest Josh

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha & Josh speak about:

  • rengrenade crap on Josh just as they do other people
  • Vaccines and the dangers that come with them
  • Porn addiction and how it has affected society
  • The problems with religion and how we play into (((their))) hands
  • Tranny meat and eating a real hotdog instead of a fake hotdog
  • At the end of the day the Gazelle is still being eaten by the Aligator
  • Cleaning under the foreskin ain’t rocket science – Circumcision

And much more!







One thought on “2019-12-10 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha & Guest Josh

  1. I love how Josh said, “aren’t we born perfect out of the womb?” I’ve had mentally retarded friends and even their bodies are born perfect out of the womb. Would we cut off a kittens tail? I guess some sickos would. Especially if they’re Asian.

    And for all of you that say, “well what about killing a cow Shaun?” Cows are nothing like a cat or a dog and you know it! I looked after a pet cow (I was working on a dairy farm) once and although I adored her, she still wasn’t near cognitive as a cat or a dog. Plain and simple.

    As for islam. It definitely came from judaism. Abrahamic cancers indeed.

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