2019-12-04 RFSA w/ Karin Smith & Guest Paul Fromm

On Wednesday 4th December, 2019 at 1900 CT our guest is Paul Fromm from Canada in a wide ranging discussion of mass immigration and the  dire results thereof and much, much  more.

(Shaun’s Notes:  JimmyX and I had Paul Fromm on RadioX as a guest back in 2009)



10 thoughts on “2019-12-04 RFSA w/ Karin Smith & Guest Paul Fromm

  1. One hell-u-vah good interview and discussion. Try to catch him on a Kenn Daily yucktube site when he and others are chatting, or were, if I can get connected. Met him many years back.

    Of course here it had to be in the deep woods for a short while as he was traveling. And because on those “WN” forums even back then having more traitors, communist, agents, Jooz, college kiddies, than real WNs, seemingly. We’d have to make plans then change them in an instant just to keep things safe and more private. Since things had a way of being broadcast openly on the forums for nefarious reasons, complete with maps and coordinates, leakers, and scum. One meeting after that and that area was closed down and shut off from evil white people, from more conservative kinds, non Israeli supporting religious types etc.

    Ending on a positive note? Don’t know what that is. The sky is falling? For real! LOL. Okay, wish my brain functioned like it did back then before damages, pharmaceuticals, high fevers, bonks on the head with alcohol on-board making things worse, etc. Would have loved to have a open discussion with real White men and knights/women folk too, sitting at the round table just like ol’ Arthur had. I’d be tempted to partake in a goblet of ale or mead just to loosen the lips and wet the tongue. That would be a good book making and a movie. Would some realty and facts pour out then. Would put MLK and his speech writing crew to shame (been at the mountain top my ass), along with the Ivy League clubs, Israeli trash, etc.

    Whitaker, etc., we are losing some good ones too darn fast.

    More positive. Should warn him about certain forums or channels. Some claiming to be one thing but are not. Or may leave troglodyte foot prints along with screaming banshee outbursts if offended or refuse to assimilate with their Borg associates. G-day.


  2. Hi Shaun, thanks for all the shows mate! Just thought you should know in case you hadn’t seen these that Paul Fromm appears to have a somewhat seedy hidden side to him that he hides away from well-meaning nationalists. These photos of Fromm & his girlfriend (he was married at the time also) surfaced about 5 years ago & they caused quite a stir. I actually thought Fromm had stopped doing guest appearances since but it seems not!

    Pictures taken out for obvious reasons.


    • I had heard something about him some years after we had him on RadioX. I didn’t know if it was true or not. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I also heard he may even be a jew, but I haven’t been able to authenticate this.


      • Ya know that would leave me, personally, with a ton of questions:

        1. Information sources, real names, what groups, etc. Who took the photos, released by, etc. Scorned feminist? If anyone is going to play “whistle-blower” then why hide or be anonymous? Just to keep things real and up-front. If someone wants to see others silenced, seems so, over something then someone should be able to step-up to the plate and announce their own positions to reasons why.

        1 a. Why the need to keep beating dead horses or the continuing on of such possible mistakes, indiscretions, boo boos, people’s history or dirty laundry, affairs. Who doesn’t have skeletons in the closet, or who may see as skeletons, or secrets they’d rather not the world know of? Very few actually. Not many are gut level honest or more open than Shaun, or me,… the wanker. lol

        2. I’d take it to the accused to see if they wanted, or cared, to address some things of a personal nature either in private, or for my own knowing, or if they minded to go public addressing issues over some dirty laundry with simple cut and dried statements. Shaun, insiders he may know, and Karin, could do that easy enough. Also for their own personal consumption not for all others to perpetuate the beating of dead horseys or possible smear campaigns from those I, or others, may not know at all.

        3. Was it a very well used ‘honey pot trap’ used to lure vulnerable men, old men, those in elevated or important positions, in for some bruising or character assassination or black-mailing. Hell, white groups hating on other whites do that and have frequently over the many years. Or tried to just like other enemies have done and will do. And was he actually married at the time… or not? A “married” guy doing all the traveling he did and does and can remain married long distance style? A normal guy older than me just dipping his wick or getting some mud for his turtle occasionally? At that age could be the last fling? Anyone positive about some questions asked? Does it totally negate all he has done to-date? Over a shot of guts or fur-burger flossing of teeth? Some positive old time biker type comedy attempted there. Been too many years.

        4. Back in the day when more Canucks were online and openly discussing issues and doing some *deep research up there reported he wasn’t Joowish. There was a smear campaign against him like with the Zundels and others. Before they and other voices outta Canada were jailed or silenced too. But did report and with news reports showing he (Fromm) was enduring a lot of crap up there and from all circles and authorities. Used to know some Canuck truckers I could talk to and none said he was one of the chosen ones in their territory. But some others claiming to be WNs on some websites were. I dunno, hire a private detective or do DNA tests. Know any FBI or CIA, LEOs, hell ask one of them they got all the info they want on every one of us like Israel does today. Maybe info is on Wiki or Snopes. lol

        Been fun and distraction from safety, the mundane and severe coming communications issues. So like with other stuff this will go on the mind’s back-shelf to gather dust until some updates happen, if they do, and keep more pressing issues to the fore-front.


      • @ setfreeindiana

        Did you actually see the photos? You might want to look at those first before giving him benefit of the doubt! I mean the fatty thing he was with for a start lol! Not to mention the little zippered leather panty thing he was wearing (and that was all he was wearing!) ouch! 😀 Doesn’t look to me like he was being forced to do that under duress or anything sooo…


    • Seen the photos but refrained from making my own comments about the zip shorties, thong wear or his pick of females or looks. Is he an enemy now too to be raked over hot coals, made fun of, over or about just what? Seen this a million times on every forum and too many innocent people doing some good harmed beyond belief. This isn’t like toying or smearing someone who really deserves it like idiots at RB or bigger fish that need fried/exposed like Freemasons, with their Shriner’s Hospital for kids while ruining everything and people around them wherever they have a lodge or community by the nuts. But they do good so they’re allowed to do all the evil and corruption they desire behind the scenes while multitudes ignore that. See my point? Same stuff with the mighty Cath church and their agendas to all the smearing and gas-lighting going on full circle including issue like in my location of whites smearing and attacking whites for little to no reasoning. Like our enemies need help?

      No one mentioned anything about him or her being “forced.” Where did that come from?
      Sooooo. Find out anything about the photo or what I asked? No. Let’s forget about some more info or facts, let the smearing continue? Sooooo

      I know too many people ruined by such stuff, to offing themselves it got so bad and blown out of proportion. Or mere rumors ruin lives and family units for what? I didn’t see the Seal of Solomon or David’s star hanging from her neck or labia pierced with a dangling star or Masonic compass matching the V or G spot on the plump one. Would I wear goofy underwear like that? Helllll no. Wake up with or pick up something like that or get in some ‘honey pot trap’ over or with? Nope, not me. But to each his own. Never in my old life or drunk as hell wake up to something I felt I would have to gnaw my arm off to get away from silently enough and without a parting word, never. And I’ve been pretty fucked up in my days and called a pussy monster more than once. And was still picky. Had some affairs of my own too in my youth.

      Benefit of the doubt? Why not. Gas-lighting or smearing other white people doesn’t exactly make me feel good or stroke my ego. If I know for sure they need it and could use some flak I’ll deliver some shit up to them. Didn’t see any photos, video, or reports about him screwing all kinds out there in his travels, to get around, of him selling his body, or get caught with a 400 pound black hooker, a pygmy whore in Africa, a dwarf Joo in Canuck land, a chicken, a goop gobbling Latina whore, or something, yet. Unlike some others I know of or heard about. Then claim to be so white and righteous without a fault.

      I also don’t believe in burning bridges unless totally called for. And in the world’s present climate of hate whitey and the world in shit to real perversions, and going to get worse fast, bridge burning and losing connections or allies is not a very good thing to me. Whites/Europeans all over should be shouting Defcon 1. Oh and drawing some real lines in the sand.

      That said we sure don’t need false friends or allies like those vegans and troglodyte footed fucks at RB and don’t wanna be just like them either. With lying allies, pretenders, phonies, like that we don’t need enemies for sure.

      May not look like it, sound like it, being reported on, but over here we are in da shit to our necks full circle and this week it’s going to get much worse, depending on location.


      • I posted links to the pics again for Shaun but then saw your latest comment. Sorry Shaun for doing that again, just thought you wanted to pass them on.

        I just remember seeing this at the time it came out. I guess my main point is the simple fact that this is a man who goes around as a spokesman for White Nationalism & here we are presented with photographic evidence of some kind of sordid activity behind the scenes with somebody who is not his wife while he was married at the time. That just doesn’t look good no matter how you cut it. In fact it looks just like we’d expect those disgusting pasty British politicians to act with their S&M mistresses right?! Setfree, have you ever had a wife or committed partner cheat on you & you found out about it? How did YOU feel about that? All the other stuff is just fluff when you look at the simple, common sense things. Do you really want this kind of person representing you in the public media as someone who’s supposedly standing up for everything that’s good for White Western Civilization? Let’s just keep it simple & not get lost in too many words ay! Cheers 😉


      • LOL. Fun distractions. Okay Northperson. Seems you’re dead-set on a smear campaign and for what? First, you ignored and side-stepped any and all of my questions put to you. You know who does that don’t you and why???!!! People who side-step my questions put to them are swiftly labeled by me, and “red-flagged” by my own standards. Like have any proof if he was married or not??

        For one, I don’t hide… much. I like being up-front and real with people and why I sent my real info and such to Shaun to prove just how real a M Fer I really am. Didn’t do that with RB cause they smelled funny and over my gut instincts. So if I accuse someone of something, play games, pass on some false info, whatever, I can and will be held accountable. And will admit my mistakes, failings, and fuck-ups.

        And yes I’ve done some Mother Fing in my days too. Oh my sordid activities! Well slap me down when 5yrs old for eating a candy chick off a B-day cake belonging to another kid. How far back in someones history do we wanna go? Wish I had pics of some of it. And been caught up in some “re-bound” relationships, adultery, sordid activities. Unknowingly fooled around with married women claiming to be single or free too. Some things I won’t mention online and reserved for fire-side chat and shit with real people and friendlies. I’ve streaked naked before, when it was kinda trendy, and road my Harley naked at times too!!! No perineum tanning though. Not homo or that F-ing sick. Ooops did plenty of skinny dipping though and in crowds at times too. Oh my! I deserve to be censored from hell and back and not promote some White pride, our heritage, culture. or stand up or speak out against the Jooz or any form of corruption??? Well piss on my Corn Flakes… I am not worthy, I am not worthy, oh the shame of it all and my history in life too. Oy vey!!!! Only the more righteous, control freaks, those casting stones should represent some “movement” or white people?

        LOL. Ever been cheated on??? Lost count buddy. Married a virgin turned whore and whores that quit fuddling but went straight to the bank instead too. Point being??? It’s part of the human condition or realities of life.

        Sordid activity? Just how far and who are we to cast strong judgements against. And nothing much in life is “simple.” Not today. Plus the info of who took the photo, who released it, or why hasn’t been provided. Now that’s sordid activity. What men or women do behind closed doors or supposed to be between them is for them, not me. Or like what goofy cloths they wish to wear. Gossip can provide some info and levity but should have some limits and info along with it. Yep, I can be wordy. I can write better than I can simply try to talk or move the jaw too.

        Looking “good?” For those who think they are better than others, pure, or so righteous, perfectly blameless, minus any negative history, past ignorance, can do what some are doing out there then jump out and do it… without anonymity or pretense, facade. Are we playing political like smear games too? Lost in words huh? Seems to me those perfect ones out there, or claim to be, have lived comfy compartmentalized and safe lives minus some real life experiences from the gutters up don’t know much. Compared to some of us who’ve ridden some lightening bolts of life in many ways, seen and experienced much, have a better grip on life/realities/human nature than the more self-proclaimed righteous ones among us.

        Hell here’s some inside dirt on me. I’ve had to wear Kotex before. Wore women’s very large sized panty hose too. I wonder why. Ever try to find panty hose in a size 6’4″, 300 pounder?? Not easy bud. Not a tranny or fag either. Let the gossip roll on that shit. Damn, wish I had photos of that! Never wore that thong like crap though. Ohhh shush, this dude is too fucked up and weird to be part of “White Western Civilization.” Let’s support some goofy shit from some “white movements” out here. Used to be spoken of freely on some “white forums.” Kill the disabled, kill the elderly too much burden. Kill those who don’t bow down to their demands and every demand. Destroy those who don’t “look good” or act according to some demands akin to those of the “Puritans” of old. Kill the sick and ill ones. Kill those who trade or buy from non-white companies only or buy goods from foreign counties. Yes, “KILL.” Kill those who listen to non-white music or non-white only films, etc. KILL those who don’t abide by certain religious or spiritual beliefs. Or some forum owners and family threatening “whites exposing forum owners/family of deceit need to be shot and killed” is cool too huh? Oh the wicked webs of deceit some play. Yeah, I could write books on things especially since squeezing three life times into one. And not just sitting in a basement or in some cubicle pretending to work or out actually doing something in real life. lol

        Panty hose huh? Imagine that. Enjoy the read? Hmmm… Kotex too!


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