2019-12-05 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike speaks about:

  • Mike is an old man that can’t stay up late anymore
  • Oracle Vodka preps Mike for a great show
  • Sports are frowned upon by some people but Mike disagrees
  • Audio:  Carlin speaks about pussy names like Kyle
  • Mike did a show about epstein years ago and nobody listened
  • Mr. Rogers Neighborhood movie was the start of the downfall for Western Civilization
  • HBO is coming out with a Water Gate series
  • Shaun joins Mike for a moment to have some fun about rengrenade kikecasting
  • People are waking up because we the alternative have forced the MSM to cover all these things
  • Boomers created the mess our kids are in today and they blame THEM for that.  Fuck THEM!
  • White Western Civilisation reached for the stars – The space program
  • We can’t afford to die anymore – How can that not be enough for people to see
  • Audio:  Basketball Jones
  • Audio:  2 Live jews
  • Audio: George Carlin – Goofy Boy Names
  • Audio:  The Genius Of The Crowd Charles Bukowski
  • We need to break the rules to make things happen – We don’t follow we lead as White People – We Rule

And much more!



11 thoughts on “2019-12-05 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge

  1. Why are you 2 old has-beens even bothering anymore? The Oracle days are long gone & it’s exceedingly obvious by the way you mention it every show that you pine for the old days when Oracle was briefly the tip of the tiny spear that was the “truth movement”. Since then you 2 have gone from being relative unknowns in the greater scheme of things to totally irrelevant drunken old has-beens with an ever-decreasing tiny number of desperate hangers-on with very obviously no lives sitting around drinking in their bedrooms. Mike’s humor was probably briefly funny 10 plus years ago but the whole reason he’s even here with you now is because his jokes are old & stale & he’s been out of work as a so-called comedian for so long everyone’s forgotten who he even is (if they even knew in the first place) & he couldn’t get a job or gig anywhere else if his life depended on it! As for that pseudo hippy chick you got doing pseudo-vegan recipes & talking about indian spirituality & yoga now LMFAO! That really sits well with all your blather about feminism & how we all need to be more racist! Do you not even realize what this looks like from out here? Hilarious!!! It’s obvious the same few pathetic loser listeners you have live for the brief moments of inanimate contact they get from “chatting” to each other in a typed out chat room – poor lost souls! Your so-called shows have degenerated from once years ago discussing some relevant issues to now just gutter humor & childish sniping at the perceived competition – as if there’s actually any in the tiny little world of the “truth movement” – something 99% of the world’s people don’t give a single shit about because they’ll never even know it exists. Not that they’d want to as it’s the realm of life’s detritus like yourself who failed at everything they touched. Oh but you try desperately to build yourself up with things that have no relevance whatsoever to the average person out there in REAL LIFE who actually achieved something with their life. “I’m a boxer”, “I built the network”, “I know bikers”, “I know REAL Nazis!”… LOL! Who in their right mind cares about this extremely juvenile crap you try to tell yourself? Simple answer – nobody. Keep repeating the same old crap day-in, day-out though so that there’s an example of insanity down there in the pits of internet hell that we can occasionally point at & say “See, that’s what life’s losers end up doing with their pathetic lives. Talking shit & recording it then chatting with a few other losers in a chatroom about it.” That’s pretty much your life. You won’t ever actually DO anything about it because you can’t…


    • And yet you listen to every broadcast. Well done fuck wit! Who’s the dumber one? The one that does the broadcast or the one that hates us so much, they can’t help but listen?

      Your words, “I’m a boxer”, “I built the network”, “I know bikers”, “I know REAL Nazis!”

      You know the details because you can’t help but listen in. And don’t give me that crap about how other people told you. You can’t help but listen because you kikes love to hate!

      Keep listening. Your bullshit keeps me employed!

      Fag tard!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha! I think I just figured out this guy’s name…

        Ewen Nimmarkants = You & him are cunts!

        The guy was ranting like mad but that name was kinda funny no? 😀 I’m going back to the chatroom now for some inanimate contact lol!


    • Sorry your show didn’t take off. I am so sorry you are a loser and projecting your problems onto our content. We only hope that we can help you, and bring you back into sanity. Please whatever you do, please don’t kill yourself. We here want to make sure people stay alive. Put the gun down and get some help. We are only here to help…


  2. Great show!
    I admire your passion and your unapologetic style. Don’t agree with you on the moon landing or the hoax shootings, but that is unimportant in the big picture, which you call out brilliantly. We can work out the details once we get the ZOG boot off our necks. Your Alex jonestien is the finest in the business. Keep up the great work!


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