2019-12-01 Edition of Tabi’s Tidbits w/ Tabitha

On this edition of Tabi’s Tidbits, Tabitha reads an article that dates back to 1929, written by Lord Birkenhead, called ‘Save This for Your Children’s Children’.  This is more than well worth a listen. 

Not only does Tabitha enlighten you to what cosmopolitan magazine has now become, but she reads about predictions that would come to light.

You can really hear how cosmopolitan magazine has become absolute horse manure compared to what it once was, but baring in mind  that this article was more than likely written as a blue print.  Just as karl marx (note the low caps) more then likely wrote the communist manifesto as a blue print for the (((powers that be))) pen for hire or not.

Keep an eye out for more of Tabi’s Tidbits but in the meantime, have a listen!




One thought on “2019-12-01 Edition of Tabi’s Tidbits w/ Tabitha

  1. Darn good read and more info. First heard of the Lord here:

    Figures the “elite” like Bill scum sucking Gates is behind about everything ruining our countries. Even trash removal companies. Seems all the scum have it all under their controls and powers.

    Didn’t do any more research on the Lord B though. Research for me has become a joke along with search engines being a joke and how they do it. Besides the censoring, banning, being “terminated” from social platforms etc. Some good info on that about Googly comes from your neck of the woods:

    A show called “Quite Frankly.” Long interview but worth listening to at your leisure. Also mentioned is the reasons for censoring, messing up search engines, mis-using or using words, phrases, translations, and such for warfare too. Along with the usual psi-ops stuff, AI, or common communist, or whatever strategies/tactics used.

    Gotta learn something new every day. Wanted or not. Thanks for the tidbits.


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