Black Southern Sambo And Turkey Michelle

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  Thanks Giving is upon the United States.

We’ve had some messages coming in about Thanks Giving and some of them have been interesting.  So interesting in fact that we would like to play at least one of the messages that came in.

This is from a black person from the South of the States (satire, not sock puppet) and they wanted to send a message about their Turkey named Michelle and how they were disappointed that tinea (Sinead McCarthy) wanted their Turkey killed, just because of it’s name.

We’re sure that Michelle was innocent, but what can you do when you have a black person told they have to kill their Turkey by somebody as commanding as tinea?

Dear-oh-dear, what a dilemma?

Anyway, you have a great Thanks Giving and enjoy this audio clip, dedicated to Michelle the Turkey, that was RUTHLESSLY ordered slaughtered by tinea, the vegan!



11 thoughts on “Black Southern Sambo And Turkey Michelle

  1. ….wait….I heard the words “you threatened my child” in there….those two screaming monsters are parents????

    Now we know why the white race is doomed….

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  2. I scantly remember some episodes of this form of chaotic psychopathy from her. Plus her being BFFs with Michelle like others then the next instance being total enemies with them or trying to spin a web of deceit to ensnare her victims or targets. Typical gaming or activist strategies used by scum doing their damages to divide, distract, create a soap opera effect, to playing bait and switch very well. Then true to Joo-dom playing the victims then to even bringing children into it all. That screaming lunatic sure exposed herself on this one… and a few other times. A really poor and totally pathetic example of what WN is or represents.

    Sad part is there are countless others out there just like her. Agent provocateurs to the activist or two-faced liars or traitors. And the fact that there are untold numbers of the same as her who’ve gained support and backers for being purely psychotic, having severe personality disorders, while those kinds love to destroy others, play emotional vampires, play games just to see people suffer or harmed in some manner so they can get their rocks off while really enjoying it. Then play innocent.

    My community is full of these shit-head Marx-Feminist or mentally ill, female clowns in the “Women’s March movement” wearing those vagina hats and costumes, various combinations of the sorts. Or all combined in those homosexual parades they all join in with and support. Sick! Those with “border line personality disorders” and other issues fill hospitals as employees, power positions, activist groups, are teaches to professors with tenure, are degreed “professionals” imagine that. Just because you can throw the DSM-5 or whatever at them and most issues contained will stick to them, doesn’t mean those like her are stupid or of a lower IQ.

    May be years of bar-tending, years of volunteer work doing a plethora of things, seeing the epidemic proportions of mental illness from whatever causes, and more gave me a better sixth sense when I am within listening distance or possibly eye-shot, or listening to others and their stories about how such freaks have ruined their lives, sometimes to the point of suicide. Most people just ignore this stuff, let is pass, join in the fun to appease the insane and loyal clan, or think it’s just a female being harmless. Or claiming the more violent of the sort are all males or white males like this. Ha. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Or one playing victim all their lives or those with severe issues that should be dealt with. Not excused for it being something acceptable as a “woman scorned.” Then to think of the power some of those “poon-tangs” have over people, men. Amazing, beyond belief. I could write a book or two about this shit.

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      • TonyL Was religion mentioned? I’ve seen sick fucks across the board. IE, male, female, atheist, agnostic, Catholics, Wiccans, “Pagans,” real Satanist, Buddhist, preachers, politicians, agent provocateurs, priest, nuns, various kinds of “professionals,” same with cults, cliques, country clubbers, skid-row types, etc. It’s not about religions or beliefs. To each his own, maybe agree to disagree and not be so divisive or used as a weapon or pushed/forced on others. Let’s throw an aside in on that too.. the LGBTQ-ABC to Z freaks. Plus all those supporting that sickness… all the above listed included. Minus individual constitutions or beliefs of course.

        It’s more about, or should be, of some honor, maturing with age, truth, ethics, honesty, integrity, seeking knowledge, learning from past mistakes, awareness – situationally, individually and environmentally. Finding ourselves and getting comfortable in our own skins, cleaning up our side of the … lets say… street or roads of life. Hard realities or waking up to them. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Hey how about some Karma cleaning maybe? Your question was more about creating division, yes? Stirring of shit?

        How about saying this old man has been far enough around the tea-cups of life to have found the handle. Those many, countless, like Grenade the screaming banshee from hell does not have much mentioned in the second paragraph. She is not alone, far from it. Those like her have totally ruined some progress made in some “movement” in some arenas and ran countless good White folks off due to the insanity or facade of being a non-game playing White person. There is not just one asshole/psycho found in every crowd but there are many in today’s culture, climate, or social grouping White or not. Also why today I am an eternal pessimist. That comes from seeing years of damage done intentionally or not by dumbass people, instigators, or what have you. Also seeing the most evil and psychotic among us get support or possibly making a lot of cash. The more upfront, really well intentioned, and real among us, get shit and attacked from all quarters.

        Pardon this comment; God help her children growing up with this vile banshee/harpie from Hades.

        Does that answer your question?

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      • Amen. Whilst I don’t have a religion, I know people that do. I don’t agree with their view points, but they are still good men and women. What you have said here Setfree, “Sets Free” the White Man and Woman. Couldn’t have said it better myself Sir.

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  3. i heard this before, someone posted it on youtube. I could never hear this without picturing Sinead in a long-armed straight jacket being dragged into a padded cell by a couple of male nurses and locked up. LOL Sinead is completely nuts, the woman has lost it, she’s weird, she’s not well, she’s psychotic. And Kyle (Sinead’s big stupid, pussy-whipped accomplice) is not far behind. But, of course their brainwashed renegade followers will act like they never heard this and pretend it doesn’t exist.

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