2019-11-20 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk Karin & Guest Shaun

On Wednesday 20th November, 2019 Karin and Schalk host Shaun Surplus…. in an intense discussion on racial and ethnic backgrounds to politics and a possible world wide shift to the centre of the political spectrum.


To donate to help white South Africans



One thought on “2019-11-20 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk Karin & Guest Shaun

  1. Amazing unity down there in SA. “Upper class” people and professionals helping others or haul for farmers? Amazing. To get support or help in my sick community like that you’d had better be in a country club or in some clique or wealthy. No-one would piss on me if I was on fire at the road-side and I am not kidding. Wouldn’t waste their Star Bucks coffee (expensive coffee here owned by lefties) on me either. So any more like me out there, locally, are not considered “part of the community.”

    Side note: Everyone, anyone, I have tried to give info about or discuss the issues of white people in SA are clueless about such news or the ethic cleansing of whites and the issues farmers are having. Most still think Nelson Mandela and wife are some kind of heroes and taught as such. Ignorance is rampant especially in media and academia, here. Oddly enough with more influx of illegals or immigrants being black are bringing their hate with them and agendas growing to ruin our cultures and country and openly stating it. What is happening in SA is indeed happening already in parts of the USA and growing. There isn’t much ‘assimilating” either. That stuff is accepted and politically correct even by academics and whites. Like we owe all the blacks and others in the world everything and everything for free, even our property.

    Drought? Churches here still collecting money and doing missionary trips to Africa to share high technology to digging wells or installing water pumps for them.

    Squatter camps. I’ve seen photos and films of them and it’s heart breaking. Yeah you do want to scoop them all up and take care of them. Wish I was wealthy. To save their lives I could handle one small family to get them out of there. They’d get to live with an ugly old white man and be totally safe at least and not living on the ground or tin sheds starving/thirsty. Karin stated that it takes 3 years to get work permits here? Why when other illegals, immigrants, “refugees” can attain immediate care, work, training, etc? Crazy.

    Question. What about John B. Wells and his wife from SA? Are donations to them making it to SA if known about? Mindy I think her name is.

    Great show and discussion.


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