Shaun Is Apparently On Meth Now

Hahahahahahahaha!  This just gets better and better.

As you know Ladies and Gents, we here at WTFR get a lot of Love from our audience, but we also get a lot of hate from the “other” network.  Well, I just got word that the “other” network has said some interesting things about Tabitha and I.  These things are of course disneylandish but you just gotta hear this for yourself.  Ha!

Keep’em coming Tinea!


7 thoughts on “Shaun Is Apparently On Meth Now

  1. You know only vegan can be good people. no matter if all the vegg you eat has to be trucked/shipped from across the world. but how dare you drink milk and eat meat.. like our parents/grand parents our ancestors did. now yr just evil. we have to ditch our culture and eating habits just because left liberals say it’s evil. so sick of the vegan circle yerk movement. mind your own fucking business. or suck on a lemon what ever.

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  2. This is more evidence that Sinead is not a truther and instead resorts to the jew tactic of making up lies about people who don’t agree with her.
    I think Sinead really is a jew. She never officially denied being one

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      • oh ya? why dont you make some more obsessive videos you meth smoking bald fag, i bet wife left you because she found out you like dicks!


      • You can’t even use proper punctuation or grammar. So who’s on meth again?

        By the way, I have never been married. Again showing what a fucking useless tard you are.

        Again, tinea is waiting for you to fill her void. Go forth, but please DO NOT multiply. We don’t need anymore of an Idiocracy.


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