Don’t Misconstrue What I Am Saying

Some people ask me (as a Lebanese friend of mine did today) how I treat other races and if they were a different race, would I respect them?  Click play to hear the answer.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Misconstrue What I Am Saying

  1. I guess it be okay if i say it in dutch. Neger.
    But thats how it always goes. liberal lefties yell the loudest and have the media on their side. Always playing on the emotional heart strings. no reason or rational. “He said that! so he must be evil racist nazi”. Just like lately with the global warming scheme (biggest lie in modern history). Using that poor child Greta to pull on the heart strings. And when you say something about that they will condemn you of bulling a little girl. but but who put that little girl up there to have a voice … RIGHT ? limp wrist-ed lefty liberals. It’s a war for for the feelsies not rational or truth.


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