2019-11-13 w/ Schalk, Karin & guest Leigh Oxley du Preez

On Wednesday 13th November, 2019 at 1900 CT Leigh gives an update on South African Family Relief Project and the ever increasing number of Whites people on the streets with no Government aid and no hope.  She details some of the problems they face and the urgent need for funds.

In the second hour Schalk and Karin discuss the number of companies leaving SA, the reason no new industries will invest in SA, the Russian and Chinese involvement in SA etc.

To donate to SAFRP, please use our website and mark the donation for SA or for the children



One thought on “2019-11-13 w/ Schalk, Karin & guest Leigh Oxley du Preez

  1. Here’s the problem: Jews and to a lesser extent other races stick together because they know they are unique and have a sense that they have something to gain by doing so. Even a rich Jew has an understanding that a poor Jew is part of his people and that by being a collective they are stronger. Look at all the Jew organisations. There are thousands. Europeans will not stand up for each other, I’ve never seen it happen. We have things like Ethnic clubs and that’s it. We can blame outside influences for only so long: eventually we have to see that this is a fault of our own people and find ways to combat it. I’m not downplaying the psychological warfare that has been deployed against us either, it’s just that it seems most of our people don’t even care that it is happening. Many of our people will side with foreigners against our own people when a so called racist points out what is happening with mass immigration ethnically cleansing our cities and towns, or if it is pointed out that many tv shows and advertisements blatantly promote race mixing and degeneracy.

    If our enemies can this easily employ psych warfare against us, we’d better recognise this as an inherent weakness in our psychology and take steps to rectify it.

    Our enemies will not be providing assistance and if they can win with words they will just keep doing it. Far cheaper than having to build an army and technology.

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