2019-11-15 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun speaks about feminism and the bullshit that spills off Tinea’s filthy thrush filled tongue.
  • Jobs for Women in the 1920s
  • Mike Sledge joins Shaun to rant
  • Vince the antifa faggot calls in

And much more as usual…




7 thoughts on “2019-11-15 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Shaun you and Mike Sledge are pure dynamite, your show is amazing, funny, and entertaining. I’ll be honest, actually I don’t trust so much none of the identitarian movement around the world, because many of them are controlled opposition. I trusted Sinead, but she is nothing but a troll, she and her dog, I mean husband, are continuously dividing white people, promoting semitism, and they are actually anti-fascist, they say they are National Socialists but I don’t believe it, whoever is anti-fascist is a jewish troll, or is a covert antifa, no matter what they say. Anyway I love your show, I love your propaganda against veganism, that is a mental illness spread by the jews to weaken us, continue on this way because you really rocks. 14 88


      • Yeh well said David. Actually Shaun I don’t know why you waste so much time & energy on these cunts when you could be doing more stuff like the computer-inventin’ nigguhs! There’s a wealth of that stuff out there! I’m sick of hearing about the other network by now but I just can’t get enough of the “we wuz kangz” humor! That shit had me absolutely rolling especially when Sledge gave us a little taste of his nigguh voice LOL! Much more of that please!


  2. That clip about nigger inventing everything was hilarious. The computer….. pleeeease!!!! von Neuman must have been an inverse eggplant.


      • OOOH I do apologize, I mean Charles Babbage. That is such a negro name, sounds almost like Umgabo Mtubambo, the pictures will prove it. A total definitive black genius. If computers were invented by nigger it would have tinted monitor and 22 inch floppy drives, metallic acid green with a LCD screen in the side, hydraulic keyboard, and a bass box next to the CPU.


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