2019-11-14 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge & Tabitha

The two hosts, Sledge and Tabitha do a GREAT show about what is healthy and what is not.  I don’t need to make points on this show.  Just have a listen and enjoy the broadcast.  Truly a great listen!!!



9 thoughts on “2019-11-14 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge & Tabitha

    • I love Tabitha as well. (Not in the way you do obviously) She’s all kinds of special, but who in fucks name would call them-self that unless they are a creep or a fucking loon? Just asking!


  1. When I used to eat a raw, vegan diet in my early twenties I went on one of David Wolfe’s raw food retreats in Hawaii. Let me tell you right now he is the ultimate kike. He sexually harassed me during the retreat and I was beyond mortified!! Further, in the 1990s I personally knew Roe Gallo another raw foodist. Mrs. Gallo closely knew David Kike Wolfe. She confided in me that he told her all the money to be made was in selling supplements. She disagreed with him and cut ties. David Wolfe is a shady, vulgar bastard void of morals, ethics and decency. He doesn’t believe in anything he preaches. He is a lying, slithering snake like all of (((them))).


    • You’re not the first I’ve heard say this about that kike Wolfe actually! These jew food gurus are lying pieces of filth who portray themselves as new age saviors for the goy to lap up. Uncle A was completely correct about their proclivity for hiding in the shadows & preying on their unsuspecting victims. What filthy, disgusting rats! Shabbos goy are even worse imho & deserve the worst punishment when they are inevitably caught up with.


      • Yes indeed! I’ve heard other women as well say Wolfe Kike preys upon beautiful women with his pitifully disgusting kikeness. And of course the shabbos goyim are no better! I forgot to mention Wolfe had the worst BO and others on the retreat mentioned it too!! 🤢 It’s so demoralizing to know so many kikes walk around with beautiful German names by the way!

        Attn: SHAUN for some reason I don’t receive any notifications of follow up replies even when I check off to be in receipt.


  2. we just had a conference call and all of us have agreed that Kale & Sinkhead can no longer be our new-age guru couple. we now firmly believe Mike & Tabhita are wiping the floor in every aspect with the misguidance of the former nutter & ballet dancer.
    ‘knock knock’
    who is there
    ‘ Tutuuuu !’


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