Castle of Wings w/ Shaun Surplus

I’ve been writing music since I was 17 years old Ladies and Gents and I have been digging up some of my older work.  I had to first get to know the behaviour of all these instruments before I went ahead.  I have always been a fan of Classical music of all kinds, so this definitely helped.  What helped even more is that I spent a little time here and there at the School of Arts where students would often be playing their Classical instruments.  Whilst this is definitely not a masterpiece, it still helped in my learning on how to compose music all that way back when.

I do hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Castle of Wings w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. I like it! Have always enjoyed listening to peoples compositions to their music or out on the fly next to campfires, bars and such musicians were toying with. Still do searches on the net for special sounding tunes that’s been in my head, or shakers and movers like Berbers Adagio For Strings, the original. Like played by the Dover Quartet. I enjoyed the quartet sound versus the orchestra’s version or chamber music it may be called. I forget. But that one hit home too. More like a fancy dirge to me in a way and very moving. But one like others that I’ve seem to pack around in my spirit sorta for all my life.

    It’s like that one show tune you play with that special sounding melody that goes something like “I’d like to buy you” or is it “take you” da la da tee da. Crap can’t even hum it or think of the words now. It’s the one I’ve been waiting to hear again. I think it may have had a ship or sailing in it too. Hard to explain how some stuff makes me feel or why I like it.

    It’s kinda like the Adagio thing but the same with that show song of yours or a bumper radio people call them. Like I’ve carried that tune/melody in my head with me for a lot of years and couldn’t explain it, have heard it, or knew how to create it. Then some tune or composition hits it, nails it. So I’m pressed to hear more of it or of it entirely and by who. That tune of yours is another one of several like that.

    So in my youth of picking cotton and singing old Negro spirituals wit da udder pickers frum dee hood.. Porgy and Bess “I got plenty of nothin’ and nothins plenty for me.” (real song) Kidding. Trying to be like Mike there with a little humor. Like while out bailing hay or working I could try to hum those tunes or melodies to keep my mind off of hard labor or the heat, and some of them kinda stuck in my brain. And never heard of them before anywhere.

    LOL. Same things with a smell or taste. After years I finally got the taste I was after making my own ketchup. Tested tested tested and finally got it. By accident. Then a pissed off X-girlfriend let the last batch freeze up and bust and threw my recipe and kitchen journal away.

    Same with a barbecue sauce. Finally found that taste from a barbecue sauce company named “Sweet Baby Ray’s.” Had the damn taste and zing I was trying to get in my kitchen on my own, but found it at a camp-out some dude had using it. They nailed the taste I was playing mad scientist to get.

    A smell. Better not go there, besides she passed away. Had the perfect smell, taste…. errr err could have been those pheromones…. I better shut-up now.

    But that’s kinda what’s behind my drive to listen to particular tunes, melodies, or songs. Now Zog-ettas and Zogites have more info on me. LOL. They don’t need their Zoggy algorithms or AI to get information from me. Had a hell-u-vah time signing in. The freaks.


    • Hahahahaha! A smell. I know what you mean Setfree, don’t worry mate. Pheromones can be a dangerous thing. So can perfumes. I was in the supermarket once and I said to my Daughter, “somebodies wearing Red Door perfume.” She said, “I can’t smell anything Dad.” Sure enough, around 3 isles down, I went past this Lady and stopped. “Excuse me. Are you wearing Red Door?” “Yeah I am.” I looked at my little girl and said, “I told ya! You might have sensitive hearing, but I have a keen sense of smell.” The Lady was a little TOO impressed, so I got my Daughter and I out of there quick smart.


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