What Triggered the Battle?

Shaun speaks to an email that came in, asking “what triggered the battle between you and renegade?”

In a nutshell, it was the feminism and blatant disrespect toward Shaun that came out of Miss Piggy (Sinead).  He had to let her know, that his name wasn’t Kermit.  Kermit to this day, is her wife.

P.S.  Kermit, we Aussies often call women darlin.  Sometimes even sweety.  So don’t worry wanker boy, I wasn’t about to bang your pet piggy.

Have a listen and enjoy.


And a bonus from Kermit and Miss Siniggy!


17 thoughts on “What Triggered the Battle?

  1. I would like to challenge sinead to debate me about her subversion of the pro-white “movement”. I would challenge her on renegade if I wasn’t banned for no reason. Most of the people she attacks are actually shitheads, but she never addresses real activists, because they engage in a form of dark promotion of other shills in the service of the Jew world order. She always runs off when I call in, which, I believe is what she is ordered to do by her handelers.

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    • When they asked me to debate her on her bullshit notion that women weren’t allowed to work, I immediately said yes. That scared the shit out of her. Hence why they then called me and she started screaming. She knew if she started screaming I would tell them to fuck themselves, which in tow gets her out of going live with me. I was going to tear her argument to pieces, with the work that my own Nan did alone, let alone the general facts. She’s not good at thinking on the fly and getting torn a new one, not to mention losing all credibility publicly, scares the shit out of her. She knew she was going to look all kinds of stupid that day.

      She can’t edit something out when it’s live. Hence why she does her shows pre-rec.


    • I have heard your phone calls into Renegade before Sean, and while I don’t think you are an awful person, California guys (and girls) have kind of either a douchy-ness, air-headed-ness, or an over inflated ego – sometimes all three.
      Drug addiction is also super common, pretty much up and down the state now.
      It is very rare to find one level-headed that actually gives a shit about someone other than themselves, let alone the genocide of the White race.
      Like I mentioned, I’m not saying all these traits apply to you, but the stigma is hard to shake, and if you’ve never been to CA, or been around CA people for long periods of time, well, it’s hard not to be annoyed.
      (I’m from the South East, but lived in SoCal and NorCal for several years.)
      Why don’t you call into one of their Saturday evening shows and ask her about her subversion efforts? They are occasionally pre-recorded, more often than not live.


      • I dare say if he’s banned “Hanna”, they won’t take his calls either. It’s strange that when I was on Rengrenade, that I seen your name in the comments area, but never heard you call in. Could it be that you are Grenade herself under another sock puppet name yet again? If not, prove me wrong. Call into one of our shows some time and I will be the first to apologise.


      • I don’t think they block calls, I think it’s just that Sean sounds like a typical Cali ‘dude’, and while I can understand that he probably isn’t a total dipshit, like I mentioned, for people who haven’t lived in CA, some personality traits are hard to get past.
        Not everyone that even slightly ‘challenges you’ is Sinead Shaun.
        If I were Sinead, would I ask someone who thinks he is banned to phone in and discuss the host’s subversion efforts?
        Your paranoia is a little much.


      • Fuck you! Can you blame me for being paranoid after all the sock puppet names she uses? In this game, suspicion is a must. What are you even doing here gayder?


    • Hanna, Those of us who are suspicious (or as you say ‘paranoid’) of Kyle and Sinead will be better off than their overly-defensive over-protective blind followers, like you, who will one day be lead by them over a cliff. And then they will have no one but their selves to blame for being so willfully stupid!

      Hanna, you must be an Idiot!
      Sinead has a long history of challenging someone to a debate and then sabotaging it by picking a fight before the debate ever starts. “Why would she do that?” Simple. Sinead sucks at debating because she makes herself look stupid.. The debate gets cancelled because of the fight.. She doesn’t have to do the debate … and then her unbelievably retarded, ignorant, willfully stupid, mindless followers begin thinking… that ‘Sinead won the debate because she wasn’t the one who back down”… they do this every time….. EVERY DAMN TIME. It’s nothing to do with whether or not someone calls to debate her, she’ll never allow it because she never wants to go live out of fear of saying something retarded and losing followers!

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  2. Mass debates are for mass debaters lol! I’ve never really seen a decent debate around the topics we discuss anyway as there’s way too many inflated egos & extreme personalities on all sides. I much prefer to hear out each presenters individual presentations & decide for myself if their information & arguments are relevant or not. 2 people going at it with opposing opinions is very rarely productive & at the end of the day is just needless entertainment when there’s already way too much of this around already on TV, the movies & all over the internet. Just my 2 cents form years of observation.


    • A fair enough statement as an opinion. But you are aware that debate is what helped form Western Civilisation are you not? Without it, great White Men would not have built great things. It depends on the debate in my opinion. If it’s just debate about whether Grenade is a fucking psychopath, then that’s a waste of time, because we already know she is. Probably a psychopath of the mossad no less. If it’s debate about what is happening with Trump or Israhell’s mass murder, then I see nothing wrong with it. The biggest problem I see however, is that people don’t know HOW to debate anymore. They are useless in the head. Hence why the art of debate has been dropped. Even YOU are divorcing the idea of debate in your very comment.


      • No I’m not divorcing the idea of ALL debate at all. Just useless mass debating that ends up just being silly entertainment for boneheads as I’ve clearly stated.


      • Surplus,

        The more you mention Sinead, the more you are give into her desire for attention, no matter how positive or negative that attention may be. She’s mentally unstable; if they were as competent in self-defence like BJJ as they think, they wouldn’t feel the need to posture themselves in the way they do. Their threats are empty for the most part and it will eventually come back to haunt them if they are not careful enough to piss off the wrong person.

        Obviously a street fight is not the same as sparring or a match in the ring.


  3. Sean:

    I understand where you are coming from. But are we to stop exposing Alex Jones as well for defending Israhell and lying by omission? Jones is an enemy to the movement and I have spoken about him plenty of times before. And people condone it. So what is about Tinea and Bile that some people don’t want us to talk about it and expose their shenanigans?

    And yes I know what a street fight is compared to getting into the ring. I’ve been in plenty, including recently as I discussed on the show.

    As for you Hanna, go fuck yourself. You’re not welcome in my digital home, so I’ve put you in the spam box. I know where you come from. You’re a filthy long time gayder and more than likely one that slung off about me once I quit.


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