2019-10-22 Edition of TCTA w/ Mike Sledge & Shaun Surplus

Mike and Shaun speak about a great many things, including the kike like shenanigans that come out of Rentagayde.  The two make a dynamic duo when it comes to laughs.  How do we know?  Because people have already been writing in about the live show that took place, saying how wonderful the broadcast was.

(By the way, Shaun is Batman & Mike is Robin.  Just saying.)

So, kickback with your favourite beverage and have a laugh with these REAL people, unlike the sock puppets that come out of the previous network.

P.S.  Shaun will not be live on the 26th of October 2019, hence the early show.


8 thoughts on “2019-10-22 Edition of TCTA w/ Mike Sledge & Shaun Surplus

  1. Hilarious show guys, Mike’s Alex Jones impression is spot on. As for Kyle, I’m pretty sure he had a non-technical role at Google, most likely in an HR department. The guy is a flat-earther for goodness’s sake, that’s not a person Google would let anywhere near infrastructure.


  2. great show. I think any listeners who are still following Renegade are just there to see it fall to its knees, like Anthony Roberts. They can’t possibly witness all of Sinead’s many smearing campaigns against Tabitha, Shaun and other past hosts and still think what they did was for the better. Sinead is bringing Renegade down (maybe by stupidity if not on purpose) and what’s left of her fan club is there to watch it happen.

    A big welcome to Mike Spencer, hope to hear more from him on this site


  3. What a most excellent surprise, the Sledge Hammer back, never would I have expected!!! Show was a beast! His post RB show is still on blogtalk radio.


  4. glad Mike survived the Renegade Demoralisation Network,
    whether intentionally or by dumb ego inflation,
    that is all what Renegade became under the helm of Kale Hunt & ‘that thing’.

    good on Shawn to get him on,


  5. Excellent to hear Mike back. His shows were always the best on retrogade.
    Kyle and that emotional freak jewish flatearther are a joke and they are total screwballs.
    hail victory!


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