Shaun Stumbles On An Old Link At the Wiki

It’s an oldy but a goldy Ladies and Gents.  Just recently I did a broadcast with Tabitha and we spoke about the typical Rengrenade template that is used to attack and abuse every host they have had.  Well I was skimming through DuckDuckGo to see what I could see, (wink wink, nudge nudge) and it lead me back to a page on the wiki and one of the reference pages was the one I did back in May 2017.  I listened back to the audio and low and behold, it was pretty much identical to Tabitha’s story, when it comes to how she was fired and the attacks that followed.

Here is the link.  Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Shaun Stumbles On An Old Link At the Wiki

  1. They seem to drive away their writers too. I used to read the articles by Jack Duilio, but Sinead got that guy pushed out as well. Shame, because he seems to have just vanished off the internet after that. Was a great writer.


    • It was the same as Mike Walsh. He was an excellent writer and poet and because they didn’t agree with a couple of things he did, they had their fan boys attack him, left, right and center.


    • No there is some truth to that. It wasn’t a year ago, but it was back when I was still with Rengrenade. I said to her that I would offer her 50 dollars if she sung “Neverending Story” for my Daughter. She did so, and I paid sent her the donation. That’s more than likely what she is talking about.


    • I also paid her 50 for singing the Frozen song. I have the financial records to prove it. She didn’t ask for the cash, I sent it to her anyway, because it meant a lot to my little girl.


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