I’d never seen this picture of Bile before Ladies and Gents!  Please tell me this doesn’t look like a Ginger Frodo!  Holy rooster testicles!

And now!  Tell me that the below pic doesn’t look like Gollum!

Holy shit.  J.R. Tolkien would be rolling in his grave right now!  LAUGHING of course.

20 thoughts on “HOLY FUCK! It’s FRODO!

  1. Those ear lobes on Kyle. Possible Ashkenaz. Just the other day Sinead talked about her cousin’s daughter suffers from Rett’s syndrome. It’s quite prevalent in the Ashkenazi. Fool me once……………..🤔


  2. How about getting back on track with some actual content mate? You were starting to get going for a while there but all this petty infighting & name-calling stuff is getting a bit tiresome for old fellas like me! C’mon fella, I know you can do better than this! Hard to find any local aussie commentary that isn’t just Hollywood-style gossip infotainment these days…


    • Well aren’t we lucky that I ain’t here to cater only to “old fellas like you” mate? It’s funny you know? When I take on the Rothschild’s people are like, “yeah go Shaun, go!” But then when I take on a network that has absolutely shit all over the White Nationalist movement, it’s “infighting!”

      Let me tell ya somethin “old fella”. I fight ALL enemies to our cause. And I take the piss out of ALL enemies to our cause. Whether it be fighting the Rothschild, the Rockalfella, the Morgans or the Hunts.

      And just remember, this has nothing to do with infighting “Old Mate”. They would have to be “in” with the White Nationalist movement first, but they are far from it. There is NOTHING White Nationalist about it.

      Do you remember George Lincoln Rockwell, “Old Mate”? He didn’t just go after the jews and communists in general, he went after the networks (TV and Radio) that were helping them tear down White Western Civilisation and so will I.

      If any one of you don’t like this, nobody is twisting your arm to read, listen or watch. It’s not rocket science.


      • Sorry, didn’t mean to sound offensive but everywhere I go for discussion on the important topics starts out ok but always degenerates into this kind of bickering, name-calling & posting of photos poking fun at each other. I stopped listening to several other hosts for the exact same reason, including Renegade, but the others are no better. No wonder this “movement” isn’t actually moving anywhere.

        And yes, of course I remember GLR – I was actually in the US when he was doing public speaking & just missed out on seeing him while I was on leave (I served in the Australian military for nearly 3 decades).

        There’s actually quite a few of us oldies out here who have known for a long time what’s really going but most have just kept the talking about it to underground situations for obvious reasons.


      • “Sorry, didn’t mean to sound offensive” You did not offend me. I don’t know why you would think you had. I simply stated that I am fighting the enemy. And since you were in the military, you should know that. You should know my stance better than most.

        It’s not bickering. It’s fighting the enemy. As you should have known if you were in the military.

        You can stop listening to this network at anytime. Again, it’s not rocket science.

        And where was George Lincoln Rockwell doing public speaking when you were in the US? Please do not refer to him as GLR whilst you answer this question. He deserves more than an acronym and if you were in the military you would have that discipline and respect.

        I don’t totally trust you at this point “Old Mate”. For the above obvious reasons. Please explain yourself.


      • Yeah see I just can’t take you seriously telling me that because I’ve been a serviceman that I should know what you’re talking about with regard to “the enemy” – I KNOW what that’s like in reality & it’s nothing like what you’re doing here! And as for me calling Mr Rockwell GLR just here – that was a simple abbreviation just done to reply to you. I, and a few of my friends were great admirers of his at the time & we certainly don’t need someone like yourself to try & put us in our place when it comes to this man! I’ll take your comment about not listening & respectfully leave by the frontdoor. Good luck with your approach – you’re going to need all the luck you can muster in the future if this is going to be your continued approach with well-meaning whites out here!


      • I was just about to ask that simple question. Why are you still here if you have such little trust in me? Take care man!

        P.S. Please prove you were a “serviceman.” I hear that shit all the time here. I’m thinking false Valor. Or as YOU know it so well, Stolen Valor.


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