6 thoughts on “Handpicked Suspects

  1. Bile and Grenade both went to “elite” schools. Bile loves to brag about how he was valedictorian but was he really? Or was he hand picked? Bile and Grenade were groomed for their leading role in steering the truth movement to nowhere but flat earth, crystal trees and the vegan death diet.

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    • Why wouldn’t they still be up on jewtube then? The drama is all entertaining but they are herded into the same kosher conservative ghettos we all are. Fed Ice, Dicky Spencer etc are what controlled look like. Cuckwell and Andre the nigger too but they are either just so obnoxious they still have hosting issues, or it’s all fake and just don’t want to be anywhere they can be called out like how Andre the nigger would never go on gabai. Most of the zogbots still have youtube channels. Sites like this, or renegade, or radiowehrwolf (even though that was infiltrated) I don’t think are controlled. If they are they really got the short straw. Not only that but Renegade could have been a lot bigger than it is today if they had tried.

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      • Sinead has been well known for pulling her own youtube channels down and then screaming “I was banned!” Especially when Renegay’s popularity starts dropping. They did the same thing with the flat earth thing. She never believed for a moment that the earth was flat, but it bought in numbers.


  2. As John said above, the Fed Ice network looks like obvious controlled opposition, but unlike the parade of kosher shills we find densely connected to the FedIce network, Renegade appears to be outsiders to the clique. For that reason, and to stretch the analogy, I’m inclined to believe they’re more akin to members of successful bootstrapped bands who break away to forge their own dismal solo careers. Surely there cannot be much money in what they’re doing? Wouldn’t it be easy for them to model themselves after JF and other such ecelebs? They could even keep their drama too!


  3. Sinead obviously pulled down her last channel cause she was getting a lot of heat from lots of people including myself about her idiotic veganism and how she bashes everyone she interacts with. Some people started to notice her physical condition as a starving person. She was looking terrible like all vegans look eventually. She hates everyone. She projects all her failings onto others. She is simply not a well person and does not qualify to go on air to give advice to a gullible public.


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