2019-09-25 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk van der Merwe and Guest LB Bork

On Wenesday 25th September, 2019 at 1900 CT Schalk has a wide ranging discussion with LB Bork host of The Ultimate Remedy Americas Road home on Revolution Radio at Freedomslips.com

LB Bork is a self-described jurist and patriot. He has been in the Truth-Honesty movement approaching 25 years and holds Jesus (Yeshua) as his savior, but is not a Christian. He was aware in his younger years but was not given the full scope of truth by the Creator about the deception of the world until he was in his late 30s. He took it upon himself – at great personal expense – to spend four years of his life to specifically research the nature of the Constitution. The research identified the 14th Amendment as a turning point between what was intended for this union of countries and what we have today… which is simply “One Nation Under Fraud.” This work is compiled in a book entitled, “The Red Amendment: An In-Law Expose on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.” The word ‘Red’ in the title references the Communist Manifesto and its implementation in the United States and the plan to keep Americans in perpetual debt.




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