Tabitha Joins WTFR

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  If you didn’t get to hear the latest broadcast then you’re missing out on the reasons as to why Tabitha has moved on over here.  In a nutshell, Tabitha was fired by Rengrenade on ridiculous notions.  The same ol’ “schtick” when it comes to Degenerade Broadcasting.

Tabitha will be speaking about a great many things and one of those things will be vitally important for many of you.  Do you know what that is?  I’ll tell you what that is.  Your health and wellness.  There is nothing better than being healthy but more so having the knowledge to learn how to remain healthy under almost any circumstances.

You will be able to hear White Wellness with Tabitha each Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST in the States which means us Aussies will be able to listen in each 10 AM on every Wednesday, AEST.  Bare in mind that time will change during DST, on the account of both Australia and America.

So don’t miss out.  The start date of the show will be on the 24th of September.  For Australians that will be the 25th.  Yep, that means tomorrow!

As the old saying goes, “Be there or BE SQUARE!”


5 thoughts on “Tabitha Joins WTFR

  1. What good news! Now Tabitha doesn’t have to walk on egg shells and can talk about the truth when it comes to eating meat. The vegans over at Rengrenade are emaciated weaklings. I’m looking forward to some good non vegan recipes with butter meat and eggs. It’s so much better over here at WTFR. Thnx to Shaun for keeping this network going.


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