2019-09-20 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Tabitha

On this 5 hour edition of TCTA Shaun speaks with Tabitha about how she was the recent victim of Degenerade Broadcasting.  Both, then go on to talk about health and wellness and then comment accordingly on some feminism audio clips.



42 thoughts on “2019-09-20 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Tabitha

  1. Nobody on renegade is a bigger misinformation troll than Sinead. I think she’s only there to bring it down from the inside. I’m sure all of Sinead’s mindless followers will find out the hard way.

    Guiliani on WTFR? that would be great!! I hope he says yes. He’s too truthful for renegade

    Thanks for the show Shaun and Tabitha

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    • Hey Scarlett. I enjoyed when u would call in to Rengrenade. They tried to make up some bullshit about u being a bolshevik since u posted a Dugin quote. They obsess over Dugin and Caroline.


  2. Hi Scarlett. I was a criminal of that as well. I was so dedicated to them that I believed mindlessly a lot of what they had to say about past hosts. I can only be sorry that I did so. I don’t know where Tabitha stands but I am thinking she probably had a similar experience. I’m sure she will speak for herself on this.

    Cheers for listening.


  3. I fought renegade was a good site but u’s hav opened my eyes! not really into all this bitchfiting ay but ur right 2 do that shaun, sum1s gotta do it ay mate, the dogs! say g’day 2 tabs for me mate. i gotta go get ready for the fishin trip – lotsa flatties out there mate! lotsa metreys waitin 2 b caught the dogs! cheers, willem

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  4. Hey scarlet, weren’t you one of the people who attacked me on renegade, for no reason after I did my only show on renegade, along with sycophanthony Roberts? It’s so funny how eager people are to follow the crowd. It’s sad really. Why don’t people recognize that they will always be next to be attacked. That is what they do.


    • Don’t you be so quick to yell at Scarlett Sean. You attacked me during a call you made after I had left. Let’s not be hypocrites. Let’s just admit that we were all doofed by these morons called Grenade and Bile. It’s time we direct our attacks at the them, not each other. Otherwise, how do we progress?


      • For what reason? It doesn’t matter what I say to them, they will always self-justify all of their actions. Even when deep down they know what they are doing is wrong. Even when they know that their own listeners know deep down that what they are doing is wrong. You see, I expect to get more sense from Netflix or a Catholic School during confrontation than I do from Rengrenade. I call many places on-air to confront them as so many of you know, but Rengrenade is a lost cause and I ain’t spending a dime on them.


    • >sycophanthony Roberts
      You just know that behind the scenes, Sinead and Kyle must relentlessly mock that servile faggot: Anthony Robsequious.

      “Oh Sinead, how I love thee. To hear the dulcet tones of your angelic voice singing songs of mine, your most obliged and humble obedient servant, gave undue validation to one’s meager existence. My lady, therefore, may your Highness deign to cast an eye upon one speck of dust, I beg that your most illustrious grace will receive my paltry tribute, which while substantial for me, is shamefully unworthy of your eminence. I shall hasten to double my patronage in prompt fashion.

      ~ Your lowly paypig, A. R.


    • I don’t remember what it was specifically about but it was after I left the network and I couldn’t defend myself. That was my point. In any case, I have not bad feelings about it. We can all move forward from this, instead of pointing fingers. Cheers mate.


    • For the people coming over from renegade (since I am banned from commenting there) I thought “amber” was Sinead long before “Rollie” came along. I thought he was a terrible host, and almost never listened to him at all, I never heard him say that. (It was posted on renegade that I was “recycling” a Rollie accusation).

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  5. I wanted to believe in Renegade for many years. I posted show links around the place, donated, commented. When it got to the point of Shaun’s unceremonious exit, I chose not to take a side, and since then I’ve been absolutely disgusted at the ignoble behaviour of Kyle and Sinead. Someone told me they’re now comparing themselves to Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor from the Terminator series?!?! Hahahahah, yeah fucking right. They care about no-one except themselves.

    It’s tough for people to see through them, but everyone does eventually. They’re right about a number of things: Trump, the Alt-Right, false-flags, animal welfare; so you want to believe they’re credible. Sadly, they’re vindictive, sociopathic, and lacking any compassion for the people they insult and endanger. The only reason Anthony Roberts hasn’t realised this yet is that he’s clearly an orbiter-male with no IRL life, who knows he’ll get shat upon by his only friends, Sinead O’ Kyle, if he stops sucking up.

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  6. This was a great show Shaun and Tabitha. I didn’t think I would be able to listen to the whole five hours but after it started I was hooked. Shaun can you e mail me? I have some serious dirt on Grenade. This is stuff that even I was shocked about and I’m not usually shocked about anything. My e mail is Norsewulf@protonmail.com


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  8. Sinead McCarthy is genuinely slightly schizophrenic. You can see it in the insane tangents and meaningless things she obsessed over in this latest libel rant over a host.


    • I agree, considering her childhood behavior and now with paranoid tendencies. Veganism will mess with your brain and body eventually. Vegans suffer malnutrition if long enough its permanent damage. Her reasoning has gone out the window. I feel sorry for her son. They both attacked me for mentioning two cups of milk per day will give you necessary iodine. Their rebuttals were so asinine. The usual, mention of studies, calling me names and talk about death food concerning eating meat. They have no respect or integrity. The original lign up of hosts did not last long. Except for a peak now and then, I gave up on them shortly when David in Texas left and that was fall of 2013. He did a great rebuttal on why he left. He still has a blog talk account with all his past shows. He has not continued but his account is still there. Diedrachenhohl/Magus18


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