2019-09-18 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Karin – Guest Dia Beltran

On Wednesday 18th September, 2019 at 1900 CT our guest is Dia Beltran.  We discuss the loss of moral standards that is causing world wide dissolution, the impact of the “other colour” invasion of White countries, the loss of patriotism, nationalism and the impact of the attacks on Christianity.  We also discuss feminism and the results of leftist craziness.


For donations to help SA whites – http://www.radiofreesouthafrica.com/


One thought on “2019-09-18 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Karin – Guest Dia Beltran

  1. As long as European people keep clinging to this semitic religion called christianity we ain’t beating the jews anytime soon! Just about all the christians I know will agree with everything you’re saying about the state of the world until you mention the word “jew” or “israel” when they then go quiet or will say “we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one”. The vast majority of christians are programmed by that religion to defend god’s chosen. The few who don’t are a tiny minority. FACT!


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