Shaun’s “Not All There”

It’s apparent Ladies and Gents that I am “not all there” according to the mother of my children (Sue).  Yeah, you read that right.  Well, I guess with the state of affairs this world is in and not being able to see my Daughter, she could be right.  But given that when I weigh up roughly through my website views and how many people listen to the broadcasts, I can quantify roughly that I have an audience of around 3000 or more, that tend to agree with what I say and how I think.  But this gets better.  Wait for it!

Sue says that it was the PRINCIPAL of the school that my children reside in that said “Shaun is not all there”.  Now whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.  I have written to the principal to find out if there is any truth to it all but I highly doubt it.  The principal and I have spoken on a few occasions and have written back and forth via email and I have yet to see ANY indication of her thinking that I am “not all there”.  But we will soon see.

Let’s define “not all there” shall we?

So, I am a self confessed racist.  I do believe that some races are superior to that of others.  Just as I believe that we homo sapiens are intellectually superior to apes.  And if you don’t believe we are, then I suggest that YOU’RE the one that is “not all there”.  If this some how indicates that I am “not all there” then OK, I’m not all there.

I create radio stations and repair computers.  Yep.  I can see where I am “not all there” with this one.  When Oracle was created, I helped Doug Owen, Lee Rogers and a gentleman that worked behind the scenes (I won’t use his name, he liked to remain anonymous) with the running of Oracle.  After that I helped JimmyX create Orion.  I was behind a lot of the scripting as to how that station ran.  Then I moved on to create Renegade Broadcasting’s infrastructure.  They were using Blog Talk Radio at that moment and as any one of you know, that sound quality was and still is atrocious, so I approached Kyle Hunt and said, “do you want something better than this” and when he said “yes”, I made Renegade partly what it is today.  They still don’t know how to do what I did and as much as we may have had a falling out, they cannot refute this fact.  THEN I created through code and script and blood, sweat and tears, my station.  What you hear on my broadcast is the result.  I have had professional stations contact me and ask me, how I have been able to create such a clean sound at such little cost.  Yep, I can see how I am “not all there”.

People write to me every day and say, “Shaun, you’re saying what many of us are thinking, but we just don’t say it as you do”.  Yep, again, “not all there”.  If because I dare to say what most will not, makes me some how loopy in the head?  Then OK, I am not all there.  But, bare this in mind.  If Sue or anybody else for that matter, thinks for a moment that I do not sit down and contemplate what I am saying on air, she must not be “all there”.  You don’t say what I am saying on-air without contemplation.  This includes when I recently spoke about my Daughter.  I contemplate EVERYTHING.  I am an insomniac for starters, which gives me PLENTY of time for contemplation about what I say and how I think, so I beg to differ.

My Son, around a year ago now, moved out and away from his mother for a very good reason.  I won’t go into detail with that, because it’s his business but I will let you guess as to why.  I dare say it’s only a matter of time that my Daughter will do the same, given that she said to me countless times that she wanted to move in with me because she was “sick of her mothers shit”.  They were her words not mine and my Son was a witness to that.  I guess because I am here ranting about it now, this makes me, “not all there”.

You see Ladies and Gents, there MUST be an element of “unstable” here because I am one of those people that says it as I see it.  This probably does look abnormal to some.  Some people can’t grasp as to why I would dare speak about what I speak about, but then there are people that applaud what I speak of because there are so little that do.  Not to mention, a lot of what I say hits home with people.  They too are experiencing what I am experiencing and up until they found the broadcast, they had nobody to share their stress with.

I was also accused (by Sue) of having threatened her life.  If this is when I said, “if something bad happens to my children at the fault of their mother and step-dad, there will be consequences,” I’d still like to see where I “threatened her life”.  The question is, do I think Sue and Daniel (the step-dad) need to die?  If they some how contribute to a serious injury of one of my children?  No, they need to be punished but not killed.  If they some how contribute to the death of one of my children?  (And this includes suicide)  Yes, I think they need to die and I make no bones about that.  What parent in their right mind would?  Ohhhhh that’s right, I am “not all there”.

So why am I writing about this right now?  Well, you’re my audience.  When I am doing a show, I imagine us all sitting around a campfire as friends, discussing all of those things I speak of on the broadcast and this includes what happens with family.  This must mean I am “not all there”.

You see, I must have been living by delusions since 2003, because since I went live, I have had this ridiculous notion that the audience I have, agrees with more of what I say than ever before.  I have traveled to the United States and worked with the likes of JimmyX.  One of the most brilliant people I have met.  Not only has he worked the mainstream stations all of his life but he has worked on technology that comes out of Wurlitzer.  He still repairs some of their Juke Boxes to this day.  It’s a passion he and I share.  We also share a passion for repairing bowling alleys and many electronic devices including computers.  I’ve interviewed rocket scientists such as Dr. David Evans, doctors such as Dr. Rebecca Carley and Dr. Srinisvasan and people of the cloth such as Reverend Ted Pike.  Yep, I must not “be all there”.

I guess all of these things I have done mean that I am “not all there”.  Oh well, I will just have to take it as it is I guess.  I’m just “not all there” because this stupid bitch (Sue) says so.  <——-  Oopsie!  That right there?  Shouldn’t be said, so I guess I am “not all there.”  Did I contemplate saying that and how it would look to people?  You’re damn fucking right I did.  Go fuck yourself Sue.  And if saying that means I am “not all there” then OK.  I’m cool with that.

When somebody says you’re “not all there” Ladies and Gents, ask them for substance behind that.  Then ask them whether they are a part of the mainstream thinking that we see on television and such and this will answer ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of your questions and you’ll soon see who is “not all there”.

Seldom do I get emails that don’t agree with me.  Whilst I may be somewhat unique in my delivery of what I have to say, no matter what the subject, politics, family or otherwise, I’m thinking I’m more sane than most.  But if I have to bare the title “not all there” because I think the way I do, then so be it.  But please, until then, no matter who you are, give me substance or FUCK OFF!

Have a great day!

P.S.  Sue, you’re nothing but a piece of shit to have said this to our Son.  Fuck you, you fucking clown.

10 thoughts on “Shaun’s “Not All There”

  1. I feel for you Shaun, I really do – been there done that mate with children older than yours believe me. However, airing this publicly WILL have consequences for your relationship with them or at least your daughter if she reads this & the outcome won’t be great, especially for her. There’s definitely a time & a place for “saying it like it is” when it comes to how we deal with estranged partners who we share kids with. I’m very much like you with regard to no holds barred on the truth generally but I’ve had to learn the hard way when it comes to this within the family. By the looks of what you’ve written here you’re heading down the same track & I’d hate to see you make the same mistakes I did! Far be it from me to give anything like advice (I’ve always hated it when others do it to me!) but please for the sake of your longterm relationship with your daughter err on the side of caution with regard to public displays of emotion towards your ex that your daughter will inevitably see. Nothing f’s kids up more than to see their parents in constant conflict & belittling each other even if it’s deserved in many cases! Just trying to look out for a fellow who’s going through what I’ve already been through mate. This kind of battle requires much different tactics to the way we fight our everyday ones because at the end of the day we have the family we fight for everyday to lose believe me! Hope you take that the right way & it helps.

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    • I don’t think you understand. My children were not involved in this adult politics until their mother involved them. Now it’s inevitable. Especially since Sue’s actions have had my Daughter totally divorce me as her father. I am broken since I lost my little girl, I admit that. But I am FAR from “not all there”. My Daughter knows that I love her to the ends of the earth but I have to say what I say, because if I don’t there are many others out there that suffer. Beth will seek me out some day, it’s just going to suck that I have to wait. If she reads this, article, it’s only because her vindictive mother will put it in her face, to suit her agenda. And we both know what that is Sir.


    • Countless men have had to endure this stuff and most of the time we just hear the female side of such issues or not much at all. A lot of men out there including me in years past would have loved to have been radio personalities with a larger voice. With the ability to expose some things or of how little white lies can be blown out of proportion enough to land a guy in jail or prison or totally ruin a life. Or of what kids are being taught in schools today to teachers being more activist than teachers being two-faced or gods. Or how some teacher wants to push some young lost kid into lying to get emancipated from one or both parents and to hell with the long lasting consequences or lies told to achieve their goals. Like how some will abuse the system in divorces or child custody courts making false accusation of spouse abuse to child endangerment, whatever, just for some spite, scorn and retribution. Those differences in parenting methods or punishments, etc. Kids included if they don’t get their way or in the peer-pressure or rebellion stages of life. Not being aware of or considering the future or what will happen to their family unit for not getting their way or possibly playing one parent against the other… whatever their game is. Or trashing one parent for or over another. To the damages some court or school administration can do to those they don’t like or want to use as an example. One deep subject and not easily discussed.

      His daughter like mine did or had already seen negative emotions, felt the tensions or enough. So negative emotions or tensions won’t be new news. Hind-sight is 20/20 and telling it like it is may help there rather than harm or provide delusions. Perhaps she’ll mature, wake up, and understand how life is and can be. That we may have one set of parents. That emotions can run nuts, some things should just be taken as ‘water under the bridge’ and gone, past junk due to knee-jerk reactions or our human frailties. That parents are human too and some like family can be our worse enemies at times or constantly. Will any kids have the guilt or realization of their part in creating a stir that forbids them from acting like adults maybe offering up some apologies or communications to get over it and on with life. Who knows? I don’t think there is enough people out there sharing experiences or tell it like it is. All we normally get instead of campfire like chats about reality and life is about Unicorns, fairy dust, rainbows and safe spaces to complete censoring. I know I need coffee. G-day.

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  2. Typical liberal rubbish from women. They are way too easily manipulated due to using feelings as their guide instead of logic and sense. So, its no surprise to me she has taken this attitude with you. How dare you have an opinion of the world that doesn’t fit in with the acceptable jewish narratives? You don’t blindly swallow what the MSM is shoving down your throat? You bigot, homophobe, misogynist, anti-semite, nazi who wants to kill six million jews!
    This could have serious repercussions on Beth…daddy issues usually lead to bad habits and laying down with feral antique farm equipment. Hopefully this works out in your favor.


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    • Thanks Jimmy! It means a lot to me. I think people would be surprised just how much it means knowing that others understand. I’ve only had one negative comment via a chatroom. Other than that, men and women alike understand that this system caters to the woman and not the man.

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  3. … not that I know much.
    Im glad you got it out of your system Surplus.
    Just beware people who seem to be drunk but just splash alcohol on their face and pretend, and then come back with very mean comebacks pressing peoples buttons. Maybe I and others need to have joined the defence reserves just to defend ourselves and family and to be able to afford the journey better.
    Politics can be a very mean multidemensional beast with far to many vested interests.


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