2019-09-13 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER:  On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, things got a little out of hand outside of Shaun’s house.  A cretin that had spoken badly about Shaun’s Daughter was confronted whilst the Captain and a friend watched on, in Shaun’s driveway.  We do apologise for the pause in the show as things went down.  Nonetheless, enjoy the show as much as you can.


3 thoughts on “2019-09-13 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Howdy Captain.. and Shaun of course.

    Some personal history from this old boomer (?). Ya know when I was in sixth grade circa 1963, ten, eleven, years old we could leave school for lunch walking (running actually) about five blocks away and back to eat lunch in a burger joint, put a quarter in the jukebox, listen to some Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” and other musical hits of the time. No Negroes in class to deal with but plenty of kids in the town’s cliques, the wealthier, or the neighborhood’s white bullies, college type communist like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) passing out their propaganda we didn’t really understand or care about. Or having to deal with the hip, slick and cool kids with their fancy black wind-breaker jackets of the nylon type to fit in, or not. By the way, grades one through six we had nothing but Jewish teachers and a Jewish principle (female) that loved to whip our white butts with a wooden paddle with holes in it. I got paddled for cuss words and standing up to bullies we were supposed to let beat us up and hassle us. Not happening. Then the class thought it was funny when some bully got caught messing with me and we both got the paddle, myself getting the worse of it and harder or more wacks. I walked back into class laughing the other crying. Did the bitch think she was getting a cherry with her French Jewish sorority paddle? Ha ha.

    Then came the attending a larger junior high school with the Negroes and thugs rather than a much smaller grade school. Plus the Vietnam war, Kennedy killing, more communism, more education filled with lefties, social engineering, communist, homos, colleges taking over town’s rule, etc. Now today schools are prison camps complete with cops on patrol within plus all the other shit going on.

    Cops and recording? Laws do not or may not apply here. Especially when judges and courts are just as corrupt or worse than corrupt cops. No lawyers to be found here to help fight any or all of the rampant corruption over any issue. Plus there being laws or ordinances forbidding recordings or electronics in court houses, court rooms and police stations, even in health care arenas. With cops doing whatever they desire including taking recording gear or recorders then claiming it never happened along with other corrupt practices. Like arresting people for drinking or DUI then telling us we have no rights to request blood or alcohol testing to prove them wrong. The judges taking their side. Rights??

    Murphy’s Law? Accustomed to it and negatives coming in from all directions non stop. Don’t feel like the ‘Lone Ranger.” LOL. Then ya played that brain twisting music. Kinda matched my brain being all over the place and bouncing around. Don’t know what that music is called but fitting. I dunno. Electronic Bee Bop or New Age? Crack me up.

    Asshats showing up? On my property? No mercy. Beware of owner don’t mind the dogs, I bite. No worries. Just some days ya know it can rain assholes and idiots as the world is flushed.

    Oh back to getting hit by tons of shit on a daily basis. Couldn’t get logged on to chat or listen due to some computer hacking going on. Had to deal with some of that Micro-suck Key-code purchasing stuff to unlock my pc to someone trying to hack in and take over my browser, etc. Oh happy day. Happens every time I contact congress critters, senators or make formal complaints over something. That is how justice and our rights work here in Indiana.


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