2019-08-23 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this episode of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Top Jewish Pornographer Admits Jews Have Controlled The Porn Industry From Its Very Beginnings _ Christians for Truth
  • Peter Spencer (farmer) – Wikipedia
  • Audio:  Peter Spencer – Australian Farmer Exposes K ‘ Rudd Global Warming Conspiracy
  • Audio:  Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered
  • Audio:  Traffic Filtering – Shaun Surplus

And much more as usual…


9 thoughts on “2019-08-23 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Please bitch, Epstein is alive and well and banging 13-YO shiksas in ISRAEL, where the Master Race rescued him to. That body in his cell? A RINGER. Duh. Or hell, was there a body? How do you know?? Maybe Netanyahu showed up with 50 bodyguards and they both walked out the front door yukking it up, and everybody in the place is just going along with the Big Jew Lie. It is, after all, JEW YUAWK SHITTY, where EVERYBODY knows that licking Master’s ass at such a moment is a meal ticket for life.
    I would have to personally watch him hang himself and turn cold and blue to believe he’s dead.
    Don’t you know better by now than to trust ANYTHING from the same JEW “media” that keeps telling you “19 crazy fucking Arabs did 9-11??” Since that shit went down, I have no idea why anybody keeps paying any attention to the “news cycle.” It may as well be 24-7 Gilligan’s Island re-runs. ALL IT TAKES for them to keep WINNING is you continuing to listen to their bullshit.


    • Call me bitch again fuck face and if we ever meet face to face I will show what a so called bitch I am.

      I have clearly stated with BB9 that not one of us can know for sure. This includes YOU “bitch”! I more sway to the side that he was “whacked” not necessarily hung. Meaning he could have been killed in any way, but they tell us he was hung. But again, I wasn’t fucking there so I cannot be absolute and neither can you, cock junky!

      You can’t know he’s alive because you have not seen him alive since. Just as you say to me that I cannot know he’s dead, because I have not seen him hang.

      As for believing the mainstream media, “bitch”, I have not once said that I believe he necessarily hung. I spoke metaphorically and comically in how he may have died but said that I do believe he is dead more so.

      Please, show me where he is alive you absolutist “bitch” and then I will be the first to get on-air and say that he is indeed alive. You can’t do it can you? No, because you have no proof of that. “BITCH!”

      Don’t come in here as if you have all the answers when you know just as much as we do. Retard fuckin idiot!


      • Wow, for somebody who loves to shit off at the mouth so much himself, you sure are awful sensitive. Hypocrite much?


      • Hey fuck head, if you’re a bitch you deserve to be called one. I ain’t a bitch. I’m far from it. Meet up with me some time and I’ll show you.


    • Given that we can’t know for sure, there are the two possible outcomes:

      If Epsteen WAS KILLED, he would have been a necessary stooge much like Jimmy Saville was. because he would have led the rope to higher up perpetrators, and to stop that ((they)) needed a terminal node (guilty all the way nonetheless) to be the scrificial lamb to take the heat and attention of other higher up ((perpetrators)))

      If he was NOT KILLED. and merely used as a front to deflect public attention; remember ALL MEDIA IS MANUFACTURED, then he was used also to deflect attention but he was a KEY PLAYER to take the role as a scapegoat.

      Either way we don’t know, but either way the jew keeps position and keeps the narrative intact.


  2. A heavy good port is divine! Try it with cheeses and water biscuits, a decent port and cheese is one of the finer delights, if you so like of course!


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