5 thoughts on “Yeah Sure Life is Grand

  1. As far as the Christian debate, I would also add look how many thousands of Christians have donated money, and gone over to Africa (and gotten themselves killed for it) to help OTHERS instead of their own. Blackbird9 said he contacted local churches to help white South Africans, and what was their response? Nothing, crickets, NADA! That is a plain and simple fact. Very few white Christians are race wise anymore and truly believe it’s their job to try and uplift others.


    • I’d say they are racist in the “low expectations” sense; that Africans cannot help themselves so they must give good Christian aid. But whites, they can help themselves, in the Reverend Ike sense, “Best thing you can do for a poor man is be rich.”

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  2. I think, as you know, that you and I agree on some things, but not on others. But at this stage in life we agree to disagree. What I would like to comment on is about humans in general and how we think. When we are “down”, we talk “down” and see the worst in the world. The opposite when we are “up”. The ups and downs come and go, and finding that middle ground can be difficult. For myself, I try to live within that middle ground. Knowing, can make life hard as we see the ugliness underpinning society, but we must rise above it and not let it bring us down. It is designed to do that. Don’t let it. Talk, listen, learn, pass on what you know, without proselytising, and find your purpose. Move forward one step at a time and remember – nolite te bastardes carborundorum.


    • The same can be said on the reverse. When we are “up” we will think “up” about the shit things in life.

      You’re saying we see badly when we are down. Well, we see goodly when we are up. So you can see what is happening now as a good thing, because you are on the upity up. But does it mean it’s OK? No.

      Some people see pedo’s as OK when they are on the upity up. “Well it’s pedosexuality Shaun…. They ain’t evil…” Does that make it right, just because they are in a happy mood? No.

      So don’t bullshit me.


    • The “worst in the world” is still the worst in the world whether your spirits are up or down or sideways. When I see “we must rise above it and not let it bring us down” here it just looks like another version of “turn the other cheek” & all the other bullshit christian programming for (not) dealing with real issues. Getting angry is a very important step in the process but it should only be the fuel that generates a plan of ACTION tempered by rationale & strategy. There is no time for any sympathy or hesitation when it comes to dealing with life-threatening parasites.


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