9 thoughts on “2019-08-09 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Hari Krishna Jewdism of Jesus Christs Cristanity working under the son of Krishna, deity avatar Kamadeva is an interesting subject, I hope things are improving around you now after venting.
    The snake issue is, well may be somthing that has to do with a very strange plant that maybe an aborigine may know. Not that I know much about your books you refer to unfortuantly.
    Desperation can turn even the kindest person evil and the world can sometimes be a dynamic script mirror for each individual.
    I am more into God being a collective being being the best it can be. Though this whithin quantum clouds of many. Each cloud or god with fuzzy overlaping boundaries.
    Glad your still going ok in radio Shaun.
    Sometimes to be able to afford children people need to be in the Defence forces, even if its the reseves and everyone grows up eventually, Hopfully over 18. Not my expertise though.

    Western Fire Zen

    PS That movie I was involved in turned into a very big and painful wakeup of how mean bussines and propriority knowledge can be. However survival should always come before anything else. Remember the journey is as iportant as the destination. 🚲


    • I don’t think one being can be a collective of other beings, that sounds really logically unsound and in reality very silly. It might sound all inclusive, safe, and hitting the middle mark , but not necessarily TRUE. How would that work anyway? Is that some kind of multiple schitzophrenia of god?


  2. ThoughI think mr Hayes should get a certificate 4 in community services and get with the program of understanding what it means to be a parent.


  3. Well why do you think the Jewish state persecuted Jesus, not that Mr Hayes would understands such nonsense.
    Nice to know someone can administer some help to the subject at hand.
    With schizophrenia its well more about survival and being able to get along with people and not cause to much negative conflict in society. Not always possible if a person becomes deperate due to something as simple as a feedback bomb in an antenna cable without bleeding the signal out for egzample. Especially if it became imposible to detect. 😎🏥
    Though this progam was done a long time ago I think.


  4. Fuse boards, faulty old fire alarms, electricity, static electricity issues and paranoia about neihbours taking drugs causing third party smoke issues can also push some people over the edge. Especially if monetary pressures and poor decicions have happened on all sides.

    Though with children I assume its difficult not to be protective of them from such dangers. However at some point when they become mature enough to stand on there own they would need to learn to handle this, including moving and helping others, leaving it late can be a very bad idea, in my opinion.
    With social work I am not qualified to be Councillor and am only level 2 in community services.


  5. Too true shaun. Your the same as ever, I think. 🎓… or is this an autobot response… 🤗
    Ok wheres the video, I find it quicker except for indexing. 😈
    I am not a big reader but ill think about it. Hope your robe still fits, damn did I get fat, Thinner now. 😋
    Hmm complicated subscription system though.😵 Ok Im a nube at this.


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