2019-07-26 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about a lot of things.  The show will speak for itself.  Including where he comments on Alison Chabloz’ latest message to the public about her plight.  Not to mention the positive outcome when it comes to what has been taking place with his Daughter.



Alison Chabloz link above…

4 thoughts on “2019-07-26 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Hey Shauny, love your work mate & this show kicked off with a bang alright you funny bastard! Definitely produced one or two chuckles here! Hope it all goes well for you & your daughter as I’m sure it will. My youngest went through the same stuff when she was 14-15 so I feel for ya.

    With regard to this Alison Chabloz, just wanted to say that I myself treat all these characters on both sides as controlled opposition until proven otherwise & most of the time it’s impossible to prove otherwise. As good as she appears sometimes with her songs & speeches, appearances in this sphere can definitely be deceiving. There are a few things I’ve noticed about her that suggest she may at least be a freemason (like many of those in the limelight) so I’d say to anyone to just be careful about believing what they say & to not trust ANYONE who’s out there in the public eye especially when you’re being drawn into a feud situation like this where you’re being presented with an either/or (divide & conquer) scenario. The deception these days is VERY sophisticated! And to add – have you actually seen a picture of Alison? LOL!

    Take it easy Shaun, look forward to the next show & trust you’ll inject the same amount of humour as you did in this last one! Cheers!

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    • Yeah I have seen a picture of Alison and given that I have looked into what she has been speaking about, I trust her a HELL of a lot more than the other side.

      Thanks for listening.


  2. Good to see that the situation is being taken seriously in regards to your children’s school. My wife and I had to pull our children out of their school and we decided that homeschool was the best option. When you speak candidly about your children, it gives me hope and inspires me to never waver as a parent and also as a husband. Cheers!

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    • You take care of yourself. I’m going through hell with this at the moment, because my Daughter will not talk to me, but hearing from other parents, helps me more than you know. Thank You!


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