Donate Button Incoming

I know, I know.  I have never asked for donations here at WTFR.  The reason being is because there is always that risk that somebody is going to say, “you’re only doing this for the money Shaun” and I can see why, because there are so many networks out there, that do it for exactly that.  But I think I have proven myself worthy of not being accused of that.  I have been in this fight since I was 17.  I am 44 now as of 2019.  The only time I got donations was when I was on Renegade and even that was a very small time.

It’s not that I cannot afford to run the network Ladies and Gents.  Any network that say they need the money to keep the network doors open, are liars and thieves.  I run this network for next to nothing.  The most expensive part of it is the call-in line.  Other than that, the rest is a bag of chicken pellets.  I am however tired, have fuck all work in this town and the kid is broke.

I don’t care if it’s 20, 10 or 5 bucks.  All helps.  I don’t care if you don’t donate.  It’s just a scratch on the back if you do.  Keep in mind, you will need a Paypal account to be able to donate.  At least I think you do.  It doesn’t seem to have a credit card or banking option on the link.  I am not familiar with Paypal.

The donate button is in the top menu.

Take care and Thank You for listening to WTFR.


2 thoughts on “Donate Button Incoming

  1. About time. Wish I could do more. Why go broke or suffer when most others don’t give a hoot about anything. Or want others to do it all for them or to carry an entire load alone. Got hit with a ton of crap trying to use PP and WP but got er’ done, again. Censoring butt wipes and activist. Hope this attempt goes through. As we are supposed to celebrate some kind of freedom here over the fourth but the sheep don’t realize we are FUBAR and the country flushed. Oh well, Have a great day over yonder or try to.

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    • You have done more than you know, Sir. Thank You so much. It was a hard decision to make for me. I never really wanted to go down the donation road, but at the moment, it really can provide some relief. I am here in this crappy town for my kids. As soon as they are out with their own lives, I will be getting out of here. There is nothing here for me other than the kids and a couple of friends. No work until picking season because the Italians like to keep the work in the family. It’s prime Italian territory around here. And what’s worse, they are all sheeple. Just ‘died in the wool sheeple.’ I can barely stand it some days.

      You have a great day as well Setfree.

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