WTFR 24/7 Internet Stream Back Up and Running

Well, Ladies and Gents, after a 2 month hiatus when it comes to the 24/7 Internet Stream, we are back up and running.  On the front page you can click play on the ‘Tune-In’ player to listen in on what’s running at the time and you can check our schedule out here.  There are also other links below the Tune-In player that you can select to hear the Stream.  The live broadcast airs on Saturday Noon, which is 10 PM EST on Friday nights in the States.

A little advice follows below:

  • Stay away from iinet.  Whilst they were once good, they ain’t anymore.  They have monkeys running the show.
  • Stay away from Exetel.  If you thought it was funny that monkeys run iinet, well retarded monkeys run Exetel.
  • Go with Aussie Broadband instead.  They speak Proper Aussie English for starters and I would pay 70 bucks a month for that alone AND they have you up and running in literally minutes.

Enjoy the listening.  Oh and have a beer.


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