Don’t Go Shopping With Shaun

It happens from time to time ladies and gentlemen, where I come across a douche bag whilst I’m shopping. Not so long ago I was faced with one of those douche bags. I was paying for my stuff at the cash register and a faggot behind me started talking about Milo Yiannopoulos.  He said in his oh so ‘try hard’ faggot voice, “Milo Yiannopoulos is an upstanding gentleman and a good example for the gay community.” I wasn’t going to say anything. I paid for my stuff and walked out of the store. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back at the doors. Nope. This was not going to happen. I had to say something.

I walked back in there almost storm trooper like, and he was paying for his things. Right there in front of a full line I said, “excuse me but I overheard you talking about Milo Yiannopoulos. Did I hear you say that he is a good example for the gay community?” To which he replied, “yes that’s right” in his oh so faggoty voice. So I said to him, “you mean the same Milo Yiannopoulos that says its okay for grown men to fuck 13-year-old boys?” Everybody started looking at each other and he started shaking his head. “That’s simply not true!” He spouted. “Really? It’s not true huh? Well then you might want to tell that to the Wikipedia. Because it is written there in plain black-and-white.” I said. Then went on to ask him a further question. “Do you mean the same Milo Yiannopoulos that does not approve of homosexuality?” At this point he starts to raise his voice, whilst I remained calm. “Milo Yiannopoulos is gay!” He yells. “I know he’s gay douche bag, but he plainly says, also in the Wikipedia, that if there was a cure for homosexuality, even though it would be a career killer for him, he would indeed indulge in getting rid of his, homosexuality. “You mean THAT Milo Yiannopoulos?”

During an interview with Joe Rogan, in 2015, Yiannopoulos said that “If I could choose, I wouldn’t be a homosexual.” Asked if he would be willing to cure himself of homosexuality, if such a thing was ever invented, Yiannopoulos replied “Well, it would be career suicide, but I probably would, yeah”.[77]

The looks on people’s faces were a mixture. Some of the blokes in the line had smiles on their faces, whilst most of the women were looking at me in a very disapproving manner. And rightfully so, because after all I had used bad language in a public place. But I don’t think that’s why they were looking at me disapprovingly. I think for most of the ladies these days, they love the idea of gays. Because gay men are very much like women, except for the fact that they are disgusting creatures. Just saying.

You see most people these days, don’t think critically with their minds, they think with emotion instead. Especially women. Once upon a time men were rational thinkers. They thought very little with emotion. Women have always been emotional thinkers. They tend not to take a couple of step’s back and think before picking up the stray kitten on the street. So they pick the kitten up and it scratches them to pieces. Whereas a man would say to his girlfriend or Mrs, “don’t touch that stray kitten it will scratch you to pieces.”  Of course, there are some women that are an exception.  You know, the occasional one that CAN program their own video recorder.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that men think rationally and women think with emotion, because the two are the yin and the yang.  Together they work in symbionts. One complements the other. They scratch each other’s backs. But in the meantime men are becoming pussified. And women are becoming masculine in both mentality and in some cases body wise. However on this particular day, it was good to see men acting like men again, when it came to their reaction of my response to the faggot.

I left the little faggot with one last thought. “Hmmmm.” I said. “You might be right after all. Perhaps Milo Yiannopoulos IS a perfect example of homosexuality.” And then I walked away. I heard a little sniggering but I also heard some laughter. It was positive laughter. Almost as if they wanted to clap. It was a great day.

Another good example of why you would not want to come shopping with me, is when I was in Kmart with my Son and my Daughter. I’d had a rough day with the kids. They were fighting and squabbling all day. We were in the clothing section and I was picking out some new socks for my Daughter. A fat lady comes out of nowhere and asks me a question, “do you think this dress makes me look nice?” I thought it must have been somebody I know. Nope. I didn’t know her from a bar of soap. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” “No”, she laughs, “I was just wondering if you thought this dress makes me look nice.” To which I exclaim, “no you’re fat! You need to do something about that.” The look of horror on my Daughters face was unforgettable. The fat lady looked at me in a way that’s spelt murder. “You’re rude!” She was trying to make sure people around her would hear. So I helped her out. I raised my voice and answered her as best I could… “Yeah and you’re still fat. Come on kids we have our socks, let’s go home.”

When we got outside, needless to say my Daughter had questions whilst my Son was giggling incessantly. “Dad why did you say that to that lady?” “It’s simple darling. She is fat. And now that I have told her the truth about herself, she may go out and do something about it, such as losing some weight, and then she won’t have a heart attack.” This answer pleased my Daughter because as far as she was concerned dad had just saved a fat lady.

The truth must prevail at all times.  Let nobody tell you any different.  You just never know who’s life you may save.

Have a good day.


21 thoughts on “Don’t Go Shopping With Shaun

  1. milo admits everything you claim, i wouldnt be quoting wikipedia though, he also brags about putting a cat into a microwave oven and cooking it alive because he was angry with his mummy.


    • The wiki gets some things right. Like it or not. And a lot of people put faith in the wiki. It works to our advantage as long as we verify what we are saying to be true in the wiki.


      • Hdbb means you lie, none of this happened. The people at the store did not stand around while you gave your “I hate Milo” speech waiting to clap. A stranger in a store did not care so much about your opinion that they asked. It just didn’t happen. What you said about Milo isn’t true either. It’s just regurgitated misinformation.


      • Milo freely admits it himself dipshit. He’s easy to talk with. Talk with him. He will tell you himself. As for me so called lying, I can request the CCTV footage. Over here, we are legally allowed to request CCTV footage as long as it is myself in the footage. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t allow me a copy. I roughly know the dates it took place, so I will get a copy and drop it here on the website. You little bullshitters have nowhere to run anymore, because every time you try (((calling me out))) I always prove you wrong. Stay tuned, you little bitch.


  2. Typical (((Pilpul))) argumentative little bitch has nothing to say, since he has been proven wrong. The kikes don’t like being proven wrong in the public eye. Oh yeah, guess who’s going to be the focus on this weeks show?


    • Simmer down Pinocchio. If you want to watch YouTube videos watch this one. unless you only watch videos that fit your narrative. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say it’s just that I don’t spend a lot of my time on people who resort to obscenities and slurs. Best wishes for a good life.


      • You have to be fucking joking don’t you? You think because he comes out and says (((I worded things wrong))) that he doesn’t condone pedophilia? He was VERY articulate when he said on MULTIPLE occasions, that he was OK with fucking kids. And that as long as they had reached puberty, they were OK to make the decision to have sex with older men.

        Is this you Milo? Because if not, it must be somebody that is infatuated with him.

        You sick fucks are going to some day die, once we good men and women take back our world. You pedophiles, that claim it’s “pedosexuality” will hang in a public square.

        Milo knows EXACTLY what he was saying. He is all FOR pedophilia. How many times, did he flaunt the idea that he “would not have given good head” if it wasn’t for “Father Michael”?

        Again, (((Pilpul))) arguments. You’re a sick fuck cunt and one of us will find and deal with you. Trust me on that.

        As for your Pinocchio comment? That’s all you’ve got. Nothing more nor less. Because you were shown up for the pedo you are.

        We will find you. Someone always talks.


  3. Yeah run you little punk bitch. Run with your tail between your legs. You obviously haven’t heard one of my broadcasts before jew boy. I stand out on the street doing lectures, on a MILK CRATE no less and you some how think I ain’t brave enough to lecture people in shopping lines? Just ask the Captain when he comes on the broadcast, what happened in Hungry Jacks (Burger King) when somebody pushed in line. Or just ask my kids about the fat lady in Kmart. Or perhaps the leb bitch I took on, on the plane. I fear nothing and nobody, so lecturing a little gay punk arse bitch about your perverse hero Milo was a no-thing to me. You will soon learn that there are people like me out there and that when I say or write something, I am not exaggerating. I fucking mean every word I say.
    Unlike you kikes, I have substance and truth in everything I say. PUSSY!


  4. Don’t let the faggot lover bother you Epic, the Captain after reading this has decided to come on the show and explain about how at LEAST 15 people here in town will testify to how I am well known for my confrontation. He has witnessed it all. Especially when I confront jews. He’s bared witness to it all. Poor bastard. He’s literally had to calm me down and that’s not easy to do from a wheelchair.


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