TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-04-26

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • How Australia’s ‘everyday racism’ moved from political fringe to mainstream – CNN
  • Women in Parliament and Feminism – Check out:  Laura Tingle on three decades of political reporting and being a woman in the press gallery – News coverage – ABC News
  • Melbourne cafe that boasted about charging male customers an 18 per cent ‘man tax’ is closing down _ Daily Mail Online

And much more…


6 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-04-26

  1. Another great show. Wanted to call in this week but took an old man nap and slept too long.

    Plus, it’s not only Australia that’s been flushed so is America top to bottom. Totally occupied by Israel, No escaping it, not in Indiana and I see no where to move or run to easily or at my age. Or for the youth to go to for escape or to discover some realities. Trump like others a failure (a failure and did nothing for veterans) and DC to local levels is totally Zionist/communist controlled. Global communism/Zionism. Indiana like the USA is nothing but a culture of corruption and deep-rooted. Whenever people/Americans can be attacked, ignored, trouble with health care even or not being able to find good care to having our records shared all over the place and not one agency, media, representatives will help then the entire (all) establishments have been flushed and beyond repair. Replaced by Zionist, group-think, identity politics, various activist like Antifa to the women’s Marx-Fem March, and too much fear in the majority of the citizenry to speak up or take stands? The fat lady is singing in the finish. (Opera talk). And to make it worse the churches are in cahoots with it all regardless of sects but telling people to wait on Jesus and do nothing but bow and pay tithes. As Trump and others in DC lick Israel’s nasty toes with their tongues and usher in their temple builds and their messiah. Also enuring the sheep in ‘Murica” is kept censored, brain-dead, the kiddies brain-washed and socially engineered especially with Zionism and the chosen having their agendas mandated to be taught in public schools and mandated trips to the local holocause museums.

    It will take a lot of misery, total loss of freedoms, blood, white ethnic genocide like in S. Africa for the sheep to wake up, if even then. Tyranny, fascism the ever increasing police state et al, has us by the balls. My community is totally a lost cause.


    • It’s unbelievable to me that people allowed this to happen. For me among a select few others such as yourself Setfree, it stuck out like dogs balls, but the masses remained blinded to it happening. Now, we have the mainstream media making us all out to be kooks or White Supremacists (as if it’s a bad thing to want to preserve our race and culture and identify who we are compared to the next race) and the dumbed down masses lap it up as if it’s scripture.

      People wonder why I look down at others as if I am better than them… It’s because I am.

      A bloke said to me once, “You think you are better than other people Shaun” and I simply answered, “only those I am better than…” What could he say? Nothing is what. People these days are just fucked up stupid.


      • I do some gardening work for wealthy clients and they could not give a shit about what is happening. One of them asked me “Did you watch the leader’s debate last night”? I said no, I don’t follow that sort of thing. She then talked about how Shorten wants to lower franking credits for stocks (reducing her obscene wealth, and when I say obscene, it really is). So she is obviously voting liberal. These rich fucks couldn’t give a shit about their ethnicity, history, or pride. They are all in it for themselves and their money. It is disgusting. I really tried not to give her some well deserved verbal abuse and succeeded, but it was hard. I said to her “have you been to sydney or melbourne recently, it’s like being in a foreign country”. She just replied, “Yes, it’s sad, we’ve lost our country” Holy fuck I felt like grabbing my chainsaw at that point.

        Also, where the fuck are we going to run to? Hopefully these rich old cunts die off quickly so we can solidify as a race again. I’m also not against being rich, but when you are rich through scamming the jew system, you are a total traitor CUNT!


  2. I also do not endorse the jew labour party and any other party in this fucked up jew system! Not while this genocide of our people is being spat in our face and carried out with merry cheer.

    I really got angry today, and at my own people. Fucking cunts. Seriously I’m pissed off now and I’ve had a few drinks.

    And I do not just do gardening work, I’m a skilled IT worker who can’t find an IT job. Probably on some kind of list by now but working with the replacement indians and chinese pisses me off as well!

    I’m fucking pissed off. Legitimately fucking angry.


    • I don’t blame you Sam. Just try and keep your head above water for as long as you can. You’re going through everything we are. I did an early show this week because I am going to be away for the weekend. Share my anger brother.


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