Big Tough Man – Fuck the Police

A young girl now has a black eye after she was punched in the face by a random man as she cycled home from school. Tia Gash, 9, was left in tears when the man attacked her from behind, knocking her earring out with the force of the punch. Her school condemned the attack and said it was ‘extremely worrying’ as Tia’s family said they hoped the man would by found by police.


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Big tough man huh?  Punching a little girl.  Why don’t you try and pick on me!  You fucking low life!

Ladies and Gents.  This world is in a downward spiral.  When a little girl can be punched in the face whilst she rides home from school, by some random low life third world piece of crap, we know that shit has already hit the fan.  It’s now time to take matters into our own hands.

I’m sick and tired of hearing that the police will protect us and our families when they are doing the totally opposite.  Oh sure, they are quick to pick somebody like me up for using a firearm to protect myself and my kids.  Oh sure they are quick to pick me up for hate speech when I talk truth about those cruds called Abbo’s, Muslims and fucking Jews…  But how much is the bet that they will either spend very little time looking for the cretin that punched the little girl, just as they spent very little time looking for the piece of crap that tried kidnapping my Daughter in Lavington/Albury.  And if they DO pick these pieces of shit up, they will be taken into protective custody.

Enough is enough!  We need people to come forward and describe the piece of shit that hit this little girl in the face and when we find him ourselves, we track him down, we drag him out on the street and we beat the absolute cunt out of him!!!


When the police start protecting the criminals and arresting the innocent, they are then rendered useless to the public and their families.  Our governments do nothing, our local councils do nothing and the so called POLICE do nothing.  We can no longer rely on these people.  They are as good as an accomplice to the criminal themselves.  They pick them up, they protect them, they house them in prison for a year and then let them out to do even worse.  What’s it going to take?  A little girl getting beaten and raped next before the cops do anything?  Oh, that’s right, that happens every day now and the criminal AGAIN gets protected.

NO MORE!  It’s time the people take matters into their own hands.  And just as prohibition created death and destruction within society, so to will the cops that have done not a fucking thing for the innocent, but everything to protect the criminal that beats up our little girls.  We will drag these pieces of shit out on the street and we will do what needs to be done!

Fuck you governments that have created a pussy police force.  Fuck you councils that have bolstered political correctness.  And fuck anybody else, that tells us we cannot protect our families!  Get in the way of me protecting my family and see what happens!!!  We the people will be our own police from here on in.

A word out to the pieces of shit that like to hit little girls.  We will track you down and when we do, your last moments WILL be begging for forgiveness, but not before we make you know what street level plastic surgery entails.  You fucking low life!  You’re done!!!


7 thoughts on “Big Tough Man – Fuck the Police

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  2. if we got rid of all the cops and lawyers and judges and left justice up to the people with the common law you would soon find a much safer community with a big tax saving, although this is made a lot harder if not impossible by the free ranging abbos and import of various savages from the turd world. so a re introduction of the white australia policy is a must .

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