Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2019-03-31 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Head of Mosque claims Christchurch shooting was a Mossad Operation (Shauns notes:  Why am I not surprised?  We witnessed that with the Port Arthur Massacre.)
  • Food for thought:  The shooting could have been a two phased hybrid operation
  • The NZ shooting video has been fast scrubbed since so many people have been calling it out as fake  (It has a very First Person Shooter gaming feel to the video)
  • Dr. Fetzer writes more about Sandy Hook – Jones now back flips on the whole Sandy Hook thing  (Shauns notes:  Yeah because he was looking like a kook.  And even if he really believes that nobody died that day, he won’t say it in the name of keeping his fame…  Jones has ALWAYS been a fake…  He can never hold up to his convictions, because he is of weak will.  No matter what happens to people like Fetzer or myself, we will always say it as it is…)
  • Clip:  Vinny Eastwood speaks  (Shauns notes:  I have no idea why these so called “alternative media” people try their best to sound like mainstream (lamestream) media hosts.  That tune in their voice drives me fucking crazy.  Albeit I like some of Vinny’s content, (he’s very well researched) I just can’t listen to him very often at all.  If I wanted to here from Deryn Hinch or your average everyday news reader, I would do so.  In this clip, as many others, Vinny sounds like the narrator from Sale of the Century.  Used car salesman style…  And don’t get me wrong, some people can’t stand listening to me, because I speak typical Aussie Slang.  But at least I ain’t trying to sound like the lamestream.  Sounding like the lamestream will definitely get more listeners, because that is the tune people have been trained to hear.  But I refuse.  I think we need to go BACK to sounding like people again…  Just sayin…)
  • Some people say that we just need to lay down and die but there are many things that are worth fighting for
  • Clip:  Nearly a billion peoples data leaked – Breach was spotted by accident (Shauns notes:  As a rule of thumb, I always say, “anything that you don’t want known on the Internet, keep it away from the computer full stop”.)
  • Clip:  Who are the brains behind ACO?

And much more as usual…


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