Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2019-03-17 (RBN)

On this really great edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • The NZ shooter had access to all kinds of things military and you have to ask why  (Shaun’s notes:  I know how hard it is to get an A grade license.  There is no way he could have gotten these without government help.  Somebody was paid to look the other way.  Multiple times…)
  • Rob has Fetzer & Bennett on to talk about what took place in New Zealand and how ridiculous it all is
  1. No Blood as people being allegedly shot – Or blood spatter
  2. Bodies piled up before shots fired
  3. The guy is made to look like a racist all of a sudden
  4. No shattering glass, wood or exploding cement during gun fire
  5. Nothing solid impacted the bodies – Newtons law applies
  6. Body appears out of nowhere suggesting that the body was placed later
  7. Panic would ensue and people would scatter naturally but people just slumped
  8. No screams of horror or fear when faced with terror
  9. Clump of hair blown of womans scalp indicates air expelled by a rigged device
  10. So called killer fires shots against car window and window did not break
  11. The whole thing seems like a Pulp Fiction type movie
  12. It’s now illegal to watch the footage because people would realise how cartoonish it is
  13. The Internet is compromised and now the narrative is being controlled
  14. Bennett goes into detail about how to implement ad campaigning into massacre strategy
  15. A potential gun grab is pissing Fetzer off and rightly so because this would be 2nd Amendment molestation
  16. John Podesta was near location of shooting 24 hours before it all took place – Obvious anyone?
  17. Changing gun laws because guns kill people apparently – People don’t kill people apparently
  18. Shaun’s notes:  Australia: “There is no excuse for self defense with a firearm”… We can’t even call them weapons anymore. You want crazy? Come to my country, Australia, Fetzer & Bennett.
  19. Iran is an ally we need in the Middle East.  They are a cool calm collected people on the most part.  Since 1775 Iran has not started a War of aggression.
  20. They can produce an event such as what we just seen in NZ, because the media convince the dumbed down masses that it’s all real, even though the so called weapons used were plastic
  21. It’s all rubber bullets, flashing lights & sound and the stupid Sheeple masses lap it up because as far as they are concerned, the nightly news they watch each evening couldn’t possibly be wrong.

And much MUCH more…


6 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2019-03-17 (RBN)

  1. Drops loaded magazines in the hallway, appears he picks up the same magazine that he dropped.
    No spent brass sounds hitting the walls or concrete. Brass cannot be seen anywhere on the green carpet. Mosque music follows him out to the car when he grabs the next rifle with an empty magazine? Who plans two years and takes a rifle with an empty magazine in your weapon? When he comes back to the car at the end. The music level doesn’t change when he shuts the trunk lid (not possible)


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  3. At about 12:00 Scott says there is a body at the doorway as the shooter was leaving that wasn’t there when the shooter first came in, that body is the guy who was running out and the shooter shot down the hallway at him from the prayer room so Scott needs to correct that but the interesting point about that guy is that there is a lot of blood near that guy when the shooter walks out and then back in. But the guy shot crawling in the hallway seemed to have blood then no blood showing and disappearing as he crawled but maybe that has something with the camera or video, I don’t know

    Another strange site was when the shooter first entered the prayer room and turned to the right there was a guy nonchalantly standing there looking at the wall or maybe talking to some people in an alcove and this after 25 shots fired and people already shot and others huddled in the corners in the prayer room.

    And probably the most significant flaw in this production was the magazine that was laying in the hallway close to the wall way in front of the shooter and he walked right by it on his first trip to the prayer room but he picked it up on the way out How did that magazine get there??? He did throw at least one magazine on the floor but not that one


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