Why Don’t You Like Me?

I was recently asked by somebody why I don’t like them. And I was forced into answering the question with a question. “First and foremost, why do you need me to like you?” Then I followed up with a second question. “What is there to like? You’re a degenerate.” This is not the first time this has happened. Not long back a friend of mine approached me and said that one of his friends doesn’t understand why I don’t like him.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world today is full of degenerate’s. So it is seldom that I come across people but I am fond of. I’m very picky when it comes to people. A lot of people may think that I lead a lonely life because of this, but this simply isn’t true. I often enjoy being alone for the reason that there are so many degenerate’s in the world today.

When I’m talking about degenerate’s, I’m not just talking about those that partake in degenerate acts. I’m also talking about those that condone these degenerate acts. Such as homosexuality and transgender. Those around these people that agree with them or condone what they are doing, are just as bad in my opinion. The reason the world is in such dire straits is because so many people condone these behaviours.

Something that really upsets me, is not the fact that people just condone these behaviours, but the fact that they condone these behaviours just because of groupthink. You see I could probably abide certain agreements if I thought for a moment that people had a brain of their own. A thought of their own. But they don’t. They simply want to get along with their next-door neighbour or the bloke down the street. And to do that, they must agree with the bloke down the street or the neighbour. As I’ve said in the past, this is all about being accepted for most people. People are absolutely terrified of being shunned. Terrified of not being accepted by other people.

From my own personal point of view I can tell you right now, that the moment you divorce the idea of being accepted, is the moment that you will start functioning correctly as a human being. It’s the moment that you will be able to critically think for yourself, and start having thoughts of your own, rather than sharing your next-door neighbours thought. This is vitally important to maintain a healthy mind. But not just that, it’s also to maintain a healthy society and community.

When we start thinking for ourselves on as many levels as possible, the world starts to change. Especially the immediate world around us. Just yesterday I saw a girl that I have not seen in many years. One of the things that she said was, “I don’t agree with the mainstream media”. This was very profound to me because when I knew her as a younger girl she did not necessarily have this opinion. It kind of renewed my faith in people to a certain degree.

When we start to critically think for ourselves, other people follow suit. The reason being, is because they realise that if you can do it, then so can they. That it’s not a sin to do so. That there is nothing wrong with thinking for yourself and not agreeing with other people.

You see, we’ve been programmed to believe that we have to just go along to get along. This is horse shit! This is why political correctness prevails so often. It prevails because when somebody calls you out when you are not being politically correct, nobody bites back. If you are a critical thinker and have an actual thought of your own, you will often bite back and debate. These days, you can be hard pressed to discuss something such as the Holocaust without being imprisoned. You are being told that you are not allowed to have your own thought through critical thinking. This is unacceptable!

To answer the question I was asked just a couple of days ago, again, “why don’t you like me?” It was a simple answer. “You are a degenerate; you and I have nothing in common.” The person I am talking about condones homosexuality and transgender lifestyles. I do not.

Now, some people may use the argument, that I swear on my broadcast and that this is a form of degeneracy. But let’s take a look at the word degenerate. Break the word down into its syllables. Think about the word in your head. When you generate something, for instance power, you are bringing something into existence. The same way your car engine has a generator to generate more power, what would happen if that generator begun to break down? It would mean that the generator is degenerating. It’s breaking down. Bad language is not a degeneration. It’s been around for centuries and in fact for some time was not known as bad language. Saying fuck was equivalent to saying ouch. You might want to read The Language Wars by Henry Hitchens. It has a very interesting take on profanity among other things. In fact as time goes on bad language is evolving, so you could call it a generation not a degeneration. This is not to say that we should teach our children to walk down the street saying fuck fuck fuck. We know better. But on TCTA we are all adults and it is an adult broadcast. I don’t think I need to explain that. But since it is an adult broadcast, does that mean we can be degenerate I hear you ask? Will I condone homosexuality, transgender sexuality, LGBTQ? Absolutely not. It’s one thing to be saying the word fuck, but it’s a total other to indulge in actions that are unnatural to the human body and mind.



verb (used with object),gen·er·at·ed, gen·er·at·ing.


[verb dih-jenuh-reyt; adjective, noun dih-jen-er-it]

verb (used without object),de·gen·er·at·ed, de·gen·er·at·ing.

We also have to look at the aspect where homosexuality and transgender lifestyles, are thrusted into people’s faces and lives. When it comes to bad language, we can choose to use it or not. This means that if we happen to be at somebody else’s house, we can choose not to swear in the case that they might not be people that appreciate that. However a lifestyle is a lifestyle and often cannot be hidden. And worse these days, it’s encouraged to be out in the open when it comes to homosexuality and transgender. LGBTQ as a whole.

So a question for you, whoever you may be. What is there to like about most people in this day and age, given that they condone degeneracy around every corner, simply because they cannot critically think and have a thought of their own?

Most people today, will say “Shaun, I critically think for myself and I agree with the homosexual lifestyle” or “I accept homosexual and transgender lifestyles”. This is because either 1, they have become so totally brainwashed that they actually do accept these lifestyles, or 2, they are just using this as an excuse so that people accept them.

People these days really do shit me to tears. This is why I am very happy to be alone most of the time. I just simply do not like many people in today’s day and age. There are a select few people in this world that I can get along with.

Why don’t I like you? You are a degenerate douche bag without a single original thought in that stupid head of yours. That’s the answer to all of you that ask:

“Why don’t you like me?”



4 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Like Me?

  1. Gas-lighting tactics. Playing the feel sorry trip about not being liked as if that will change anything in their sick lives or save some from being their victims. Putting the blame on others who may disagree with them. Bait and switch playing to be harmed, innocent, a “victim,” or offended. All weepy and shit because we don’t make them feel better or totally accepted. Turn your back on those poor creatures and find a knife in it in a flash. So much for “live and let live” too. Or in towns with multiple colleges with total left winger rule it’s all about “group-think,” PC-ness or nothing. Talk about not being liked or totally black-balled in a community for not being “liked.” It’s toe the line, all about “group-think” and drinking all their activist Kool-Aid or nothing. Yeah, poor babies not being liked by all. But we are expected to bow to every sick ass corrupt thing out there.

    That is part of the reason why I quit all volunteer work. Stopped membership to many things like veteran’s groups. Useless trying to attend town hall meetings and the like. I don’t socialize much and am more of a recluse today unless out doing my one man activist show against censoring and local corruption that about covers all the degenerates too with the cacophony of bull shit we are expected to swallow hook, line, and sinker.

    Being alone, been alone for years, to not being “liked” by family and many others doesn’t bother me a bit. I am comfortable in my own skin and with my own thoughts and beliefs. I don’t feel the need to ‘fit in’ or be trendy, hip, slick, or cool. Have a great day over there.


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