Fancy A Movie?

Who wants to watch a movie with me? You? Or perhaps you? What about you up the back there? Come on now don’t be shy!

I’m willing to bet that there were a whole heap of you that put your hand up to watch a movie with me. Which is all well and good, after all I asked the question. However, how would you have answered the question if I replaced the word movie with game? It would sound a bit quaint, because instead of watching the game you would want to play it instead. Or would you?

I’m not the only one when I say that I’m getting sick to death of people telling me that I shouldn’t enjoy gaming. People that just sit there like a veggie and watch a movie are doing exactly that, they are just sitting there watching. Gamers on the other hand are using hand to eye coordination, as well as problem-solving and watching the screen as if they were watching a movie anyway. And let me say that many games these days are very realistic. So it is very much like watching a movie, but you are actually using your brain. These newer games are nothing like Space Invaders or Pac Man. They are graphically superior, often tell excellent stories, keep the mind stimulated and exercise the brain.

There is an element these days with gamers where they play for hours and hours on end and many of the people around them, (most of the time their parents) will be harping at them to get off the computer gaming system. Whether it be a PC, an Xbox, an old Mega Drive or the PlayStation 4, there’s always a parent in the background “Little Johnny/Little Susie, get off that gaming system this instant!” Yet it’s okay for that parent to be sitting around all day watching Oprah or MacGyver or even a DVD of their choice. The double standard never ceases to amaze me.

Another double standard I really enjoy witnessing comes out of the phoners and the Facebookers. These people walk around the streets day in day out with their phones in hand typing to all their Facebook friends, (the baby boomers are the biggest culprits for this) and as soon as they get home they start telling their children or grandchildren off for being on the computer, when the phone is exactly the same thing these days. So you’ll forgive me when I say that when I hear about a baby boomer getting hit by a train because they were too busy with their face in their phone, I have a shit eating grin on my face.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be playing GTA 5, (grand theft auto five) where I have to use all of my fingers on each hand, my brain needs to be sharp as a razor, there is an excellent story involved and everything you can do in life you can do in that game. Yes, you can even blow somebody’s head off after stealing a car and punching their wife in the mouth! It allows you to do things in the game that you’ve sometimes wanted to do in life, but won’t because you don’t want to end up in prison.

I sat by and watched people watching these ridiculous reality shows. The ones that crap me the most are these so-called survival reality TV shows. It’s like watching flies fuck. These people are not at any risk of death. If somebody died on one of those shows, the television network would be sued to hell and back. But people sit around as if it’s the real deal. People on the most part are dramatic dick heads and this is what makes them so easy to program and fool. They’d rather think that these people are actually surviving, because it gives them a talking point on the train to work the next day.

If you really want to exercise the mind, check out some of the survival games that are around now. These games are not easy. They take strategy, intelligence and wit just to name a few things. Rather than just sitting there and letting the mind rot whilst you suck down your aspartame filled Coca-Cola-Zero and eat your artery clogging popcorn. Hand to eye coordination is a must and comes with that wit that I was just discussing. Yeah that’s right, that same hand to eye coordination that you often use on your phone to type to all of your Facebook friends, whilst Mark Zuckerberg maintains the copyright to everything and all of the material that you post on that very website. Yeah, you heard right, if you had have read the terms and conditions when it comes to Facebook (the fine print) it clearly states that the owners of Facebook maintain the right to use your photos, text, audio, and artwork of any type.

So the next time you start yelling at you children because they have their head in a computer game, take your head out of your arse and think about what you’ve done today! Drop the double standards because it’s getting old.


8 thoughts on “Fancy A Movie?

  1. Sure I’d like to hang out with ya and watch a movie, have a ‘barbie’ I think it’s called over there. Scope out some ‘sheilas’ (?) or go to the Irwin Zoo mebbe. LOL. Box with a Roo?

    Deep subject Shaun, really deep, especially in this day and age. Are monitors and such really that healthy given the light band issues, that claimed subliminal stuff, with TVs and monitors or with LED lights and such? How much of a major addiction or distraction are such things in our lives? Isn’t this stuff why WNs can’t get alone due to the many control issues and being expected to live up to and pacify others? More deep subjects and issues. What do we want out of life or for our future, etc? The military even loves good gamers and we know why. Many parents just love monitors, games, TV , being baby sitters then some things in a family unit are lost due to that. In my old age I wish I’d spent more time with my family and parents instead of hours and time spent back in the fifties watching Disney, B&W only TV. Ahhh the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Roy Rogers to Howdy Doody. LOL. Then growing older I’d rather spent my time out of the city in the cabin on the river with just a old transistor radio and two stations to listen to. Fishing, trapping, running the levy, trot-lines and D nets, hunting, frog hunting, watching weird stuff in nature like “hair snakes,’ catching huge snapping turtles. First major 3rd degree sun burn chasing fish in a flooded corn field all day around ten yrs old. LOL. Those first young tastes of living really off grid and away from it all. Trying to live and learn at the times when “children were to be seen not heard.” Get nuggets of reality/information from the old folks, their ways back-when, and of growing up. Lovely. Then more life happens.

    I don’t judge much. We are all individuals with our own likes and past times. Isn’t/aren’t such things all about balance any way? I never did like sports or city styled stuff because I felt it was cliquish, to being a waste of time with better more enjoyable things for me to do. Especially when we were expected to support or cheer for others doing their thing, playing games, not mine. One big distraction to me given the ‘group think’ mentality and fitting in issues. Naked and Afraid was some funny stuff to watch but reality? No. Just like the Jews on Alaska the Last Frontier crap with their daughter Jewel supposedly hitch-hiking the country to Mexico singing and making her own way at the age of “14?” Huh? More reality BS to me like with all the others. Personally I think the “Last Alaskans” was about as real as it gets along with the other show I forget the name of right now with the Eskimos and Alaska living stuff.

    I guess like you I was a fully functional hard working very heavy drinker, worked more than one job most of the time, had time to party and play (part time bartender too) and raise some hell against a sick culture. Had to get my Harley riding time in too. Until I came to points of illness/injuries and not being very functional. On my back or bed-rest from time to time is when I picked up games like Pac Man or the little Italian dudes jumping around on various levels. Not much more to do. Then came the personal computers and tons of info to seek out.

    I don’t really spend much time on FB but use it for my activist purposes and to hell with Zookerburger or the gubberrmint getting my info. I spend more time listening to your broadcasts and those like RBN on my desk pc. lol. My cell phone is for emergencies and have only one contact on there to use. Or to call AAA. Got the solitaire game on it along with some pirate battleship game I play some times in my needed down times which is greatly increasing with age. Or played in day long waits to see some quack at the VA back then. I still have a little bit of a urban farm to mess with when able. Chickens and more rabbits to help force me outta bed and out of the house. More books to keep reading with more time slipping away. More activist things to accomplish and get set-up yet. If younger and healthier I seriously doubt if I’d allow roots to grow under my butt doing inside things rather than being out in the yard or out and about watching the good ship Titanic (USA) go completely under while searching for some honest people around here and some realistic, palpable, ‘reality.’ Personally instead of games I’d rather write to you and try to find some real news out there. Or possibly others like me. LOL.

    If people are going to spend that much time criticizing others then they would do better cleaning up things on their own side of the street and stop playing control freaks.

    Just got that new book “My Turn” by Alice VL. “Waiting To Be Murdered In South Africa” to get through. The copper’s book you suggested back when was also a good read.


  2. There’s a rather major issue with this article – the type of people who actually watch movies & would say this would never read it! Most people who might come here in the first place already don’t watch movies OR play games because they know both mediums are chock full of enemy propaganda & in fact are the main vehicles by which this propaganda is injected into people’s minds. On this basis trying to defend games over movies is pretty silly. I and other intelligent critical thinkers obviously get the whole hand-eye co-ordination thing & the fact you’re using your brain (albeit in a somewhat limited fashion) as it’s basically obvious but the more obvious fact is that the gaming industry is run & manipulated by the same enemy pushing out their agenda in movies & TV. If anything games could be considered way more insidious on a psychological level exactly because you assume the role of the character & take ownership of all that character’s decisions, actions & consequences. And I get that role-playing is only in a few of the gaming genres but the other genres still contain the same subtle & not-so-subtle propaganda & social engineering. The fact that games are becoming more realistic compounds this even further. I still remember the first time I played Doom way back when it came out – I dreamed the most vivid dreams I’d ever had where I was living out the game as the character for ages – the “reality” of these dreams was astounding & the effect on my brain was very clear to witness. Then there’s the whole field of discussion we could have about the negative effects of extra time sitting in front of a screen instead of doing some outdoor or other activity where the eyes & brain are not focused on a fixed point only an arm’s length away for long periods of time, etc, etc. I’ve heard ALL the justifications before for years since I used to game in my younger years (I’m in my late 50s now, have created game content myself after years of custom map building & even wrote for a leading video game website very early on!) & they really just don’t stack up for someone seeking a healthy lifestyle away from the influence & harm of the enemy we face. I even used to use the same arguments to my wife when my kids were growing up touting that I was some kind of expert on the subject who knew better than she did but in hindsight it’s obvious that her simple intuition was correct & I was wrong because I was only dealing with the half-truths of the usual, & as it turns out, much parroted “hand-eye co-ordination” & “brain stimulation” reasons. In fact from a psychological standpoint, as I said earlier, those reasons can actually be more deceptively the opposite & be more negative than positive in the big picture! Given what we all know, call it wisdom gained by educating oneself in life over many years, we need to be more realistic about the big picture!!!

    I still appreciate a lot of your stuff Shaun but feel I needed to add a real world critique here on this one mate, especially given my extensive background in gaming as a younger, “slightly” more foolish man 😉



    • Hey Ray, cheers for the input and I am sure I will break this down a bit more on the broadcast, where I have a little more time than I do at this moment, but in the meantime, whether we come to agreement on which is more detrimental than the other, (movie or game) I think you missed my main point I was trying to make. Perhaps I should have made it clearer. My main point is the double standard. People screaming bloody murder about kids on games, but it’s a sign of the times first and foremost. Back in the day before gaming took off like wild fire, people watched movies more. My mother spoke about how here and her sisters were fascinated when the TV first came to the household and they would watch it any chance they got. Same thing here really. In some ways, TV has just been replaced by the computer. Now the computer may take up more time than the Talmudvision because even our life needs and work are often done on it, but I stand by my word that using a computer still uses more of the brain than TV. In a game such as GTA for instance, you can at least decide how you are going to go about things, whilst walking about in the open world.

      When it comes to who runs the gaming industry, that’s an interesting one and I think you might be pleasantly surprised. I will talk about it on-air.

      I too use to create maps and scripts, even did some code for some games in the end and I whole heartedly believed that it kept my mind sharp, having to problem solve, whether it be for the way a character was going to script or gravity in the laws-of-digital-physics if you will. The problem solving that I had to deal with to create the very station you listen to, to hear TCTA, I don’t think could have taken place as efficiently as it did & does if I had have not excercised that part of the brain when I was younger. Take a look at some of the dead headed boomers as an example. All they did whilst indoors during their day WAS watch television. That was their main platform for entertainment. It didn’t help things to tick better upstairs.

      I’m not at all saying that I won’t take anything away from what you have said here, because you have made some good points here in general, that I will discuss on the broadcast.




  3. I love my gaming and probably always will, I enjoy the challenge and in some cases, the competition. I do however agree with Roy that some of the big gaming companies put a lot of ‘common purpose’ content in their games, Warner Brothers & Techland’s Dying Light being a good example. For those of us who are ‘switched on’ its easy to spot but for those who are sleeping through life there is nothing to stop the negative reinforcement of bad ideologies.


  4. One will never “un-see” the propaganda in various media entertainments once awake to it. Better to be awake in a nightmare than a dreamer who thinks he is not asleep.


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