3 thoughts on “Thoughtless

  1. Interesting read on how thought, language and reality intersect. I’ve thought about this in a similar fashion before, but have never been able to explain it like this guy did. I’ve also thought about how we don’t actually know what we as humans are; in that we exist and have brains and intellect – we can perceive the world with our brains through our senses – however that brain and sensory inputs are not our choice. I do believe we can become extremely conscious of our surroundings though, and to threats that are out of bounds of what we call consciousness.

    I definitely can’t perform a thought process about how we evolved from monkeys. If anyone reading this has a robust theory using Darwin’s finches, post it here. I believe the evolutionary theory is bullshit because there is no direct evidence, ie, no observable cross species changeover, there are no intermediary fossils between monkeys and humans, and I can’t do a thought experiment where this could happen.

    In the protocols one of the points was to teach us things that they knew weren’t true.

    I know we are great beings, all of us, all races. And I know that it is in our best interest to keep apart and for all races to be who they are. It is also a firewall, the different races, to prevent world tyranny. The wannabe world tyrants want to rule over a deracinated world of weak people and take away our dreams and turn us into cattle goyims.

    We should really say no to this agenda as we are much more powerful than that. And I know everyone would like to keep Australia a nice, orderly and productive White European nation.

    Just a heads up in case you didn’t know: I heard you suggesting DuckDuckGo as a private search engine in a fairly recent podcast. The guy who runs that has the name Gabriel Weinberg.

    Just letting you know. Also, startpage.com is another “anonymous” search engine, but it isn’t well known and isn’t a default search engine you can select in Firefox or iPhone.

    So probably a more private search engine, unless just go for using tor which is your best bet, other than public wifi.



    • Yeah cheers for the comment Sam. The difference between Google and Duckduckgo I have found is that I am yet to find evidence that Weinberg shares information of any type. Yet Google themselves advertise the fact that they harvest your searches against your IP. In any case, nothing is safe but some are safer than others. Now I ain’t condoning “better the devil you know” or “the lesser of two evils” because both are cop out terms, but as a rule of thumb I would say this: “If you don’t want something you do, logged on the internet in anyway shape or form, then don’t do it on the internet.” That’s your safest bet. Anything I do on the net, I am very happy for the spying cruds to know, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. In fact, sometimes I use Google to search for things such as, “Jews like to lick donkeys balls because they are not human.” Knowing full well that the kikes that run that company will get a copy.


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