A New Idea For The Audience

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’ve come up with an idea.  Some people for whatever reason can’t always make it to listen to the live shows, but they want to be able to give their opinion.  I had a bloke write me and say he wants to call in, but his daily schedule doesn’t allow him to listen live, so I thought, ‘hmmmmm wait a minute…  How about I take calls throughout the week when I am home?’

Recently a little something changed in my life in that I will be spending a little more time at home than usual, so I could take calls, record them and then play them at show time.  So, what this means, is that you can call throughout the week and as long as I am home we can talk up a storm and then I will play the call at show time.

Callers are a rare breed when it comes to alternative media, especially with the subject matter I discuss.  But just perhaps, you might be more comfortable calling whilst not live.  That way if you slip up and say something you don’t want aired, I can bleep it out for you.  Think about it and let me know what you think of the idea.

Cheers Lasses and Lads.


Phone lines:

America:  512-487-7226

Australia:  00111-512-487-7226

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