Another Cronulla (Can’t Wait) – This is what happens when the Council does nothing; The Police, do nothing; Our Federal Government brings in more third world immigrants.

Recently I spoke on the broadcast about how we will end up with a copy of what took place in Cronulla, because our government refuses to recognise the real problem here in Australia.  That problem being that the common White Aussie, does not naturally get along with third world people.

Since the White Australia Policy was abolished, there has been a clear indicator of increased violence and henceforth increased segregation (and rightly so), so the Kalergy Plan had to kick in, leading to what some of us refer to as Forced Diversity.  But is it really diversity?

Diversity, Ladies and Gents, is when you have a diverse range of a “different something”.  Kind of like having a bag of licorice allsorts.  You have pink, you have yellow, green, blue etc…  But what happens when you leave these lollies (candy pieces for the States) in the bag for too long?  They begin to melt and mix and they become one color.  Richard Kalergy made no beef nor qualms about how we would no longer be Australia or Europe.  Instead we would be Austrasia and Eurasia.  This is the plan that has been put in place and is still being employed as we speak.  Not even our dead head government officials, local or federal have a clue what the Kalergy Plan is.  They just follow orders from somewhere higher up and a part of those orders, is to incrementally and subtly bring the Kalergy Plan into order.

Well, this is the result.  We have the third world Lebanese come over to Australia in masses of the likes we have not seen since the Chinese silent invasion.  The Lebanese youth being to rape, pillage and murder.  We had good men such as Tim Priest (an ex-detective) warn of what would take place if this kept up and what happened?  The Cronulla Riots.  Whilst the White Aussies had, had enough of what these Lebanese thugs were doing and took matters into their own hands, the mainstream (lamestream) media accused them of being “white racists” and “un-Australian”.

Now we have even more upheaval heading our way and I am sure that there will be a repeat of what we seen with Cronulla, when it comes to blaming the white Aussies and calling them racists.  It couldn’t possibly be that these African Savages are to blame.  No not at all.  They are all warm and fluffy right?  Well try telling that to the plethora of people in Melbourne and Sydney that have been suffering at the hands of these ape like creatures.  The havoc and mayhem they wreak upon good White Aussies that just want to be left alone to live in peace.

There comes a time when enough is enough.  Bad things only tend to happen when good men sit on their hands and they themselves do nothing.  But that is not what us White Aussies are about.  We are about family, community and societal norms.  However, violence, rape and murder among other things are not OUR societal norms.  They have predominantly come from foreign lands and it’s time we put a stop to it.  Otherwise, you will see what is coming on the 5th of January 2019.

Again, when our government does nothing and instead they tie the hands of our police force, so that they in tow can do nothing, WE the people are left to deal with the problem.  It looks like it’s time to take a stand yet again.


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