WTFR Has Been Hacked And Kiwi6 May Have Something To Do With It

Hi Ladies and Gents.  Well it looks like there are some powerful hands molesting my station.  Below is what I have been pasting in the chatrooms and over Skype.  Spread it far and wide, please and if there is a lesson to be learned out of this, make perfectly sure you backup more often onto offline drives.

They literally fried an external drive and deleted the partitions on an internal drive. I know that they can fry certain drives by making it continuously spin up. Spin up is the process when a drive starts and you can create applications that will make it remain in spin up mode until it burns itself out. Not many people know about this though.We use to be able to make music with the sound of the old spin up process on the older HD’s. They were noisier so it was able to make music by controlling the speed of the spin up.You couldn’t do it for long though, cause it killed the drive.  Anyway, here is what I have been writing into the chatrooms:

“Somebody hacked into my systems and killed the main partitions of two drives. They’ve killed anything done from June 06 2018 onwards. I had an offline drive backed up until that time. They also killed the live streaming drive to WTFR. Whoever it was knew what they were doing because I had some pretty harsh proxy/security measures in place. Kiwi6 are useless to me for backup, because the files just simply won’t download. It was said that they are back up again but it simply is not true for some of us because my account is totally fucking dead. I’m beginning to think that this was a collective effort on the side of Kiwi6 and the hackers that destroyed the drives. I’m also thinking that somebody nefarious has bought Kiwi6 for this purpose. If they can kill content on the internet and on your drives, then they narrow the problems we are causing them down somewhat. If any of you have content from June 06 of 2018 downloaded, please email me at so I can grab a copy off you. Don’t worry too much about Reyvolts shows, because I can get them off Whooli.”

Thanks in advance.  I know that I have a few DVD’s lying around with backup shows on them and if I dig them up, I will keep you up-to-date on what I have and what I don’t.

In the meantime, stay away from Kiwi6 at all costs.


4 thoughts on “WTFR Has Been Hacked And Kiwi6 May Have Something To Do With It

  1. This is confirmation that everything said on this network is absolutely true. Now that the truth is out and has been exposed the hackers are scared and so desperate that they have to rely on cheap, underhanded and illegal tactics to keep the truth hidden. But the Truth is no longer hidden.


    • Exactly Cory. No matter what they do from here on out, we have already sent the message. I couldn’t believe how many people came to my aid with shows they had downloaded. We are not out of pocket by a single show, which means, the message will always be out there. When I have everything in order, (the next couple of days if I can get a bit more work to buy a couple of new drives) I am coming back louder and harder than ever before. I promise you all that.


  2. Record everything to live computer and output to and record to air walled off line computer and attach external drive. Create aluminium foil lined storage box and place backup drive inside. Test storage box for leaks by placing mobile phone inside and calling it. A mobile phone wrapped in aluminium foil will not respond to emf and will not ring.

    By the way there are lots of scientific articles showing that ultrasound can cause cavitation in the foetus / embryo. Cavitation means areas which are less dense than the surrounding areas, meaning embryonic material moves in response to disparate pressure waves. This is just one effect.

    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released recommendations that ultrasound is not safe and should be used sparingly. I don’t trust any of these administrations but if they are saying it is not safe they obviously know it isn’t and are protecting against future lawsuits.

    Here is a document from the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists discussing this information and other effects in more detail.

    Love the shows about ultrasound and your guest. Thank you very much for everything you’re doing, both of you.

    Another thing…vaccines. I recently went to the doc with the mrs for discussion of hormone levels for our first baby. I asked her what the ingredients in the Australian vaccine schedule are and she had no idea. She said it was bizarre that I would even question ultrasound.

    I am pretty sure she’s not evil but heavily indoctrinated. She also possibly doesn’t want to think about it as she’s getting good money for propagating the lies from those who run this sick pyramid.

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