Kiwi6 Maybe Down

Hi there Ladies and Gents.

I’ve received a few emails stating that files on my website are not downloadable at the present time and this does seem accurate.  Reports range from not being able to download older shows (such as last years shows) to not being able to download any at all.

I have contacted Kiwi6 (the server that I upload the shows to) and I await their reply.  This has happened in the past and they are usually pretty quick to rectify the problem, but at the moment, the problem is out of my hands.

I will be back and forth throughout the day and evening to keep you up-to-date, both in the comments area below and in the chatroom.

Bare with us.  I’m sure this is just a small glitch and as I said, Kiwi6 have always been excellent when it comes to fixing their problems fast.

Take care and thanks for listening.


15 thoughts on “Kiwi6 Maybe Down

      • I have messaged them 3 times and they have not bothered to reply. Crossing my fingers that they haven’t folded and just left us to the savages. To upload all these shows again and then edit the links of every one, will be a fucking nightmare.


  1. Still no reply from Kiwi6. Last night they tried to take another month worth of cash out of me but I have refused them by moving cash out of that account. They won’t be getting a cent out of me until they fix this problem.


  2. Still nothing? I just started working on a audio streaming app that i put down for a few weeks and none of my hot links are working. The site wont even let me listen to the audio or download directly. This is the 25th of November now, is kiwi6 just done? any word?


    • I think so Ian. I think they took the money and ran. I have the feeling that they maybe got threatened by some of the content that comes from some of us and instead of fighting for their customers, they just fucked off. What maggots. They haven’t so much as at least told me to fuck myself yet.


  3. EXCUSE ME: Kiwi6 has been down for MONTHS…They have a Facebook and Twitter but NOTHING..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We have important files uploaded on their service that we can not play due to load errors, or retrieve. Apparently a website called ‘’ is SOME PART of their technical now if you attempt to DOWNLOAD a particular audio file.


  4. There ARE Kiwi6 servers that have files (e.g. they are called ‘k002’, k003, k007, etc.) but they don’t function at this time and we expect them TO DO SO SOON.


  5. *UPDATE* Apparently Kiwi6 is NOW working (as of December 7th 2018) to DOWNLOAD FILES, but still having load errors playing them.
    Do check your accounts to verify –


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