The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-09-05

On this edition of The Gaming Corner, Shaun discusses:

  • Elite Dangerous and the grind fest that it is
  • No Mans Sky and how it has come leaps and bounds
  • Evochron Mercenary and Legacy – A one man wonder
  • Freelancer – A game that seems to last forever
  • Rockstar and how they need to get off their high horse
  • Subnautica – A game that is not recognised enough
  • Minecraft servers and the risks for children
  • Transformers Devastation for us oldies
  • Dungeons 2 & 3 Vs the oh so nostalgic Dungeon Keeper
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator



7 thoughts on “The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-09-05

  1. Did you ever play a game called star controll 2? It was released in 1992 and is an all time favourite of mine. The characters, alien species, dialogue, storyline, exploration and puzzles / quests are amazing.

    Just goes to show that a great game doesn’t need huge graphics and multiplayer to be superb.

    Thoroughly recommend it, probably need dosbox or other dos emulator.

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  2. How old are you guys?! I’m 19 & have been playing videogames on & off since I was little but I couldn’t imagine my dad sitting down for a serious gaming session lol! He’s 42 btw & will occasionally humour me with a quick bout of some driving game multiplayer once in a blue moon, which he’s unbelievably good at! But yeah, I don’t envisage myself playing games into my 40s & 50s let alone have enough time to keep tabs on the scene & spend precious time writing about them! This battle we’ve got with the powers that assume to be seems fat too important to me at this stage plus I want to be running my own business in the next 5-10 years so I can be in the best position to do my part. That’s going to take a lot of my time & energy so I know videogames won’t be on my schedule then, time wasters that they basically are! Good luck anyway guys!


    • You assume I don’t run my own business and still have time to play video games. Just remember, everybody has their own entertainment for spare time. Do you watch movies? If so, that too could be seen as a time waster. You could have been doing something constructive for that 2 or 3 hours.

      The way I look at it, is that at least with gaming you’re not just sitting there like a fucking zombie. You problem solve, you use hand to eye coordination, you’re overall exercising the brain in ways that you otherwise would whilst watching a movie.

      Games these days are not your little beeping and bopping pacman or space invaders. They are very much adult like, including to the point of simulation types. For instance, playing Microsofts Flight Simulator pretty much needs a pilot to get a Boeing 747 off the ground. Then we have games such as Assassins Creed that employ fictional stories based on actual historic facts. So they can be educational too.

      Whether you seek entertainment by watching a lack luster movie these days or playing a few games, both are time wasters, unless of course you need to fill some free time with some good ol’ fun. That’s all this is.

      As for gaming not being on your schedule, yeah sure, that’s fine. Become a miserable slave to the system without any fun in your life. That’s up to you. But if this is the case, then stop going out for drinks with your friends, because that’s a time waster. Don’t go bowling, forget the movies and stay over late at work, because you wouldn’t want to enjoy that time wasting drive home from your office.



      • Haha! You sound pretty bitter dude, chill! I don’t watch movies or TV. Videogames are my only electronic interaction so to speak & I limit my time playing because I’ve definitely seen it have a very detrimental effect on other people my own age & older all around. (I even turn my phone off when I’m not using it & never carry it on me when it’s on!) The rest of the time I study for my degree (don’t worry, it’s a very practical one that’ll come in handy for my own business), study other stuff that will come in handy, weight train regularly, compete in Jiu Jitsu (been doing it since I was little), surf & fish regularly plus do a bunch of other outdoors stuff on a more occasional basis. I also just completed my 50th skydive last summer! I don’t drink but yeah I like to hang out with a few good friends on a regular basis in between everything else I do. I think I’m on a pretty good path & I certainly don’t consider anything I do time wasting as it’s all working to being in a better position to take on the enemy in a more pragmatic way when I’m ready. I have a few friends my age who also think the same way as me about this stuff & who are into the same kind of lifestyle. So yeah, one day in the not-too-distant future don’t be too surprised if you feel a hand on your shoulder as we step up & say “Don’t worry old man, we’ve got this!”. LOL! 😀


      • Well you sound like you have it all under control then, yes? So what are you doing here? You see, if I was looking to start my own business, I wouldn’t be spending time commenting on a gaming platform, bragging about how great I am. As it is, that I started my own business from the ground up, I know how much it takes and getting a degree won’t cut it. It takes money, it takes time (in fact starting the business takes more time than running it) and it takes a hell of a lot of perseverance.

        You see Krat, (may I call you Krat?) I don’t think you came here to be constructive at all. You came here to tell us what a time waster gaming is, only then to waste more of your own time to boast what a success you are? Give me a fucking break. No, you are here as if to rub something in peoples faces. What that is I don’t know, because I certainly don’t regret the decisions I have made in my life and I am positive that the audience are more than happy about the way things are run here, because they turn up to listen almost religiously.

        As for being bitter, (you obviously dont’ listen to TCTA) yeah, where it’s needed. You have had ample time to “fight the good fight” on this website by adding your 2 cents to any other topic, but instead you pick the gaming topic? What a waste of fucking time!

        Now, go and start that business Jiu Jitsu boy and stop wasting time. Go out and seize that world! Get’em tiger!


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