The Terrorist Proof Democracy

They would have us safe and sober, at the expense of our spirit, our freedom to be human.” – Edward Kenway

A man and his daughter turn up to the docks of a small ship that will take them from the mainland to an island.  The young lass is looking forward to seeing different animals that are specific to this island.  Her father has been battling to save the money for months now, but to him, the smile on his daughters face is worth it.

As the two set foot on the ground off the train, the father picks up a newspaper from one of the nearby stands.  He gazes across the front page, where it reads, “Another terrorist attack on American soil…”  His eyes roll in his head.  ‘Another one?  Really?’ He thinks.  ‘I’ll read more about it once we get on the ship…’

The daughter waits in line with her dad, ready to board the ship.  Something is concerning the dad though.  He’s looking to the front of the line and listening intently to the questions being asked.  He looks down at his daughter in a worrying fashion.  “What’s wrong dad?” She asks.  “Nothing sweety.  Don’t worry about it.”  The line gets less and less and finally they are ready to board.

“Tickets and ID please…”  One of the men at the gates says.  “Umm, here are our tickets, but my daughter doesn’t have ID on her.”  “We need to see both your ID sir.”  “As I said, she doesn’t have ID on her, she’s 10.  What 10 year old do you expect to have ID on them?  Especially since it’s only a quick trip across the pond so to speak.”  “I’m sorry sir, but if we cannot identify her, we cannot have her on the ship.”  The fathers eyes grow retired for his now disappointed daughter.  Almost in tears she takes her fathers hand and they begin to walk away from the gate, before the father speaks out.

“That’s what this is all about isn’t it?  Tracking, tracing, controlling the masses; terrorist proofing everything so much that we can no longer be human, we can no longer be free.  Or was this the plan all along?  Maybe there have been no terror attacks, but it sure as hell is a means of controlling us, isn’t it?  As though we are sheep.”  He then looks down at his daughter, that is now teary eyed, looking up at him.  “Come along sweet heart, I’m going to teach you how to fire a weapon instead.  It will be just as fun I assure you.  Especially when I explain WHY it is that I am teaching you.”


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