Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-07-29

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Jones is flipping out about being censored (Shaun’s notes:  Gee, he will have to contact the mossad in Israel and have them cut him some slack…)
  • Clip:  Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc, all shadow banning and people are not impressed
  • Rob gets hit and his computer goes down, causing him to use the phone
  • Clip:  YouTube is worse big brother because they delete things all the time
  • This blanket banning comes out of the communist movement
  • Clip:  The people at the top know exactly what they are doing when they ban our content
  • Darwin, Marx, Freud, Bernays – It doesn’t matter who, these so called people were our enemies and through legacy, still are
  • Clip:  The world will be without a lot of things should the left come to blows with the right – Civil war type deal
  • More musicians standing up against pedophilia since Avicii
  • Clip:  Hollywood star makes some serious allegations against actors  (Shaun’s notes:  Given that what happened to the two Corey’s how can this not be taken seriously?)
  • Jeff from Idaho calls in and speaks about a few things and predicts that something big is about to go down due to what he has been researching and connecting the dots
  • Clusters of food being recalled and some of it that could be used in times of peril
  • Clip:  Black girl gets whacked and straight away they scream racism – (Shaun’s Notes:  Funny that isn’t it?  When a black kills a white, the race is never mentioned.  And it’s so fucking in your face.)

And much more…


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