Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-07-15

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Cris Putnam and Logos Apologia and the prophecies
  • Clip:  Self proclaimed prophet says “Trump shall become a trumpet says the lord” back in 2007
  • We’ve been bombarded with the whole 5g thing and the amount of radiation coming our way
  • Clip:  Different frequencies can affect the way people think so 5g could be detrimental  (Shaun’s notes:  Yeah let’s not forget about the multiple different techniques used during MK-Ultra now admitted by the KGB and the CIA…)
  • Clip:  How much more radiation penetrates us now compared to 10 years ago?
  • It’s unknown as to how these people in congress got there in the first place  (Shaun’s notes:  Yeah like that black dude that said an island might tip over if too many people are on it…)
  • Clip:  Democrats moan and groan about a legitimate question
  • Things are going to Bolshevik if things keep going the way they are – Take a look at Portland
  • Clip:  Warner Brothers may have had Kubrik killed because of his film Eyes Wide Shut
  • Pedophiles now want to be called MAPS in order for pedophilia to be accepted as a sexuality (Shaun’s notes:  Much like over here in Australia, when some people call it “pedosexuality”.  Disgusting!  Child abusers need to die, period!)
  • Clip:  Black South Africa racists call to end so called White Privilege and drive whites from their land without compensation
  • Clip:  Trump pardons the Hammonds after the government tried screwing them over  (Shauns notes:  I’m not even close to convinced that this makes Trump a good President…)
  • Monsanto’s efforts to keep glyphosate going so that cancer in tow continues
  • Clip:  Disgusting skanks scream about getting abortions – Not only abortions, but future abortions (Shauns notes:  These so called people are doomed.  They need to be gassed in concentration camps…)

And much more as usual….


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