Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-06-24

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Clip:  Leftists throwing hissy fits after learning of Trumps immigration policies
  • Damian in Florida gets Rob’s thoughts on a few things (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t think Damian knew how to ask his question and it was a grind to listen to his call…)
  • Some of us are becoming somewhat pessimistic, so much so that we feel as though we are entering into a deeper idiocracy  (Shaun’s notes:  I think we are…  Idiocracy:  We save the houso’s and the abbo’s from themselves, they out breed us and bam! A world of fuck wits. Yep, that about sums it up for me.  And all the houso’s I know are leftist like tards too.  I was told recently I have “ancient thinking” because I said no to gay marriage.  I said, “I’ll take ancient over degenerate any day Thank You.”)
  • Charlie in California (Commiefornia) speaks about:  Trump is nothing but a New York Liberal – You cannot enter this country unless you have a passport, so they are being let in…
  • Jeff in Idaho breaks down what is taking place in an intellectual fashion as usual
  • The commie thinker can have their information debunked on multiple levels but they cannot fathom nor believe the debunking
  • Sean in California speaks about:  How do we know where Jeff from Idaho is getting his information.  Is Jeff trustable?  (Shaun’s notes:  If I am not mistaken, this Sean from California is the same Sean from California that use to be sucking Renegades (a radio network I use to run) dick.  If I am mistaken, then so be it, but it damned sure sounds like him.  And it would make sense for one of those cretins to want to put somebody like Jeff down.  Or anybody on Rob’s show for that matter.)
  • Dan in Texas says he backs Jeff up whole heartedly after having seen some of the information that Jeff had discussed during his call  (Shaun’s notes:  I agree with Dan all the way.  Jeff has given PLENTY of sources in the past and the present and in everything Jeff says, it’s easy to find sources in a search engine for anybody with half a brain…)
  • Fred in Michigan speaks to Rob about some youtube presentations – This is a world of confusion and people still believe that 9/11 happened the way the media says it did
  • Rob speaks to the things that Fred in Michigan had to say when it comes to 9/11 and then goes on to read a quote from Michael Hoffman
  • Robert in Ohio speaks about how he was thinking back to the campaign Trump had when it comes to building the wall and then moves onto the subject of Flat Earth (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t entertain such nonsense and I think that’s because I am neither a Creationist (especially biblically) nor do I believe in Evolution in the way that Richard Dawkins does…  It creates in me, not just a free thinker, but also the ability to think clearer about science and the like…)
  • Clip:  Vatican Court jailed an Italian priest – Turns out the man was sharing child pornography  (Shaun’s notes:  A priest wanting to have sex with children?  Nooooo.  Say it ain’t so!  People say to me that this has been happening more and more and I almost want to slap them upside the head.  I answer, “No, it has ALWAYS been happening, but it’s only now they are being found out!”  I mean really?  You think this is a “new thing”?)
  • Bruce in Texas talks about the Russian Yandex browser (not sure if he means the search engine instead) to download 9/11 information
  • Derek in Minnesota/Minneapolis speaks about a Turkey Plant where a lot of third world filth work and then moves onto other things…
  • Clip:  Anthony Bourdain had a deep reach all over the world and was darker than we may have known  (Shaun’s notes:  Anthony Bourdain may have been photographed holding a stillborn baby in a jar with a disturbing smile…)
  • Mike calls in and puts in his two cents overall about the show and then speaks somewhat about the planes during 9/11 (Shaun’s notes:  I think there were planes as well, but I don’t think it was the remote controlled planes that bought the towers down.  I think it was the explosives that even the fire brigade spoke of hearing and the planes were used as the Arab patsy.)

And more as usual…


One thought on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-06-24

  1. Robert Reyolt’s mind on shaky grounds in this podcast . no surprise that christians start to fall for the flat earth propganda, i mean the christian mind is already based on mere ‘belief’, so no wonder Robert is easily caught up in theories. yes, he seems a very nice guy, but NOT calling him out on his blindpsot is fucking ludicrousness at this stage in the end game. we don’t need these constant hollywood diversion of mentioning every trend&fashion. maybe is fucking yank thing.

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