Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-06-10

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • The Intellectual Fetal Position and how the powers that be want us, so that we are easily controlled
  • Clip:  Quantum Computing and the relation to Ritual Numeracy – Bilderberg Meetings
  • Cognitive Dissonance taking over the country and making it easy for a social breakdown
  • The Bolshevik types in Israel bolstering what we have been saying for decades
  • Clip:  Paul Joseph Watson – (Shaun’s notes:  If ever there is a thematic little whore that does his best to sound like the hypnotic mainstream lamestream media, it’s this little weedy bitch known as Paul ‘Kikey’ Watson.  Paul Kikey Watson, sucking potatoe headed dick since Alex Jones started humping jews…)
  • Anthony Bourdain ends up dead after speaking for the Palestinians – Coincidence?  (Shauns notes:  The female he had could have easily been one of the Women of the Mossad – Look into the Women of the Mossad)
  • Ed in Oregon:  Thoughts about the AR sales that are off the wall right now….
  • Tony in Chicago says:  Do you really believe that Africans in Italy are going to leave peacefully?  (Shauns notes:  Exactly.  Ain’t going to happen!)
  • Dan in Texas:  Speaks from a black point of view when it comes to the DNA of the White Race (Shauns notes:  I don’t care to know about the black races and their concerns any longer.  Good or bad.  I spent my young life being politically correct and had the blacks shoved so far up my arse, it wasn’t at all funny, all the while them being “racist” and violent against us whites…  If this black guy is so justified, then send him back to Africa to save his own people…)
  • Jeff in Idaho speaks about:  The New World Documents – The agreement to work with Mr. Trump – Redefining Government  (Shauns notes:  If Dan was the so called, “good black” then he needs to do “good black things” for “good blacks” in “africa”.)
  • Hijacker in Washington:  The super-station is coming to town and it will include all those that are considered the “best-of-the-best”.  (Shauns notes:  I call bullshit.  I have multiple stations that write to me often about the gossip going on within the “bowl movement” because of the crap that comes out of Renegade, so on and so forth.  I have not heard of this shit before.  I look forward to the “super-station“. LOL)
  • Clip:  Earthquake scientists say it is time to pay attention to Antarctica

And much more…


2 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-06-10

  1. Organ harvesting in Chicago???

    My kneejerk response is:

    Who wants these black organs? In what race on this planet would they function or provide a benefit?

    Secondly, since when has a Jew been so “humanitarian”, especially to the degree they would willingly absorb this expense to harvest then transplant and treat medically long term, let alone finance the coverup?

    The black has been injected into the white country to agitate the white to the point where their reaction draws out the ire & punishment of Talmudic law;  essentially yoking them to Jewish-run governments…Jews don’t care about dead blacks, and they don’t profit off dead blacks through some humanitarian accomplishment on the back end…that’s a ridiculous proposition to me.

    They profit off dead blacks through gun sales both legal & illegal, and in tax increases that finance a global police state through provoking civil unrest, but this medical angle is lunacy!


  2. hahaha! ‘tv made me a crack-junkie pimping whores’…yeah, for real, with that victim attitude we will go backwards….reminds me of the ‘poor gays’ and ‘poor immigrants’ and the ‘poor pedophile politicians’ and ‘the earth is flat- courtesy of that horror-cunt over at the renegade-rainbow broadcasting’ …
    if you can’t take responsibility for yourself and your actions, you will never be a man that can fight against all this crap.


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